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Netflix Just Dropped Some Amazing News For Fans Of Kakegurui's Mary

Like most anime, "Kakegurui" is based on a manga of the same name. Though originally released in 2017, the project was streamed to a more global audience by Netflix in 2018, where it gained enough traction to get a second season, titled "Kakegurui xx." For the uninitiated, the story follows transfer student Yumeko Jabami (Saori Hayami) to a high school where vicious gambling decides the social hierarchy. Fortunately — or rather, unfortunately — for Yumeko, she's incurably addicted to gambling, so it's sort of a win? It's all very, very dark.

One of the more popular characters in the property is Mary Saotome (Minami Tanaka), who begins as Yumeko's opponent but eventually transitions into one of her allies. The character became so instantly popular that it prompted the 2015 publication of a spin-off prequel manga entitled "Kakegurui Twin" (via Kakegurui Twin Fandom). Seven years later, Netflix has news that is sure to please a great many fans, especially those who enjoyed the spin-off.

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Kakegurui Twin is a prequel anime that follows Mary's early years

Netflix first announced the new spin-off anime during its "Anime Day" live stream in 2021, but it's been some time since fans heard any word on the production. However, on June 5, Netflix released a full two-minute trailer teasing the streamer's upcoming return to Hyakkao Private Academy. The trailer also included the reveal that the new series will be available starting August 4.

Reportedly, the production will feature the same animation company as the original, MAPPA, as well as much of the same recurring cast (via IMDb). Also set in Hyakkou Private Academy, "Kakegurui Twin" is a prequel that follows Mary's first year in the gambling arena and her rise to where she's seen in the original series. There's something of an underdog element to it, as the manga reveals Mary to be far less financially stable than her peers. 

According to Anime Filler List, the original series, which received nine episodes, was entirely devoid of filler, so fans can expect the prequel anime to be equally as devoted to the original source material. For anyone who can't wait a few months to see more "Kakegurui" content, there's also a live-action production that covers the original storyline available for streaming on Netflix. A word of caution: "Kakegurui" and all affiliated media are considered mature content, so viewer discretion is advised.