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The Funniest Ron And Tammy Interaction On Parks And Recreation According To Fans

The creator of the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness and government-loathing boss man, Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), was undoubtedly one of the "Parks and Recreation" highlights during its seven-season run. As stoic and solid as his iconic facial hair, Ron was a man set in his ways that wouldn't move for anyone — unless that someone happened to be a Tammy. Bound by a pair of terrifying women who share the same name, Swanson's world was often rocked by the appearance of one of his ex-wives, who caused chaos in their own distinct ways.

If it wasn't the sex-crazed librarian, Tammy Two (played by Offerman's real-life wife, Megan Mullally), it was the mustache-trembling soul-crusher Tammy One, played by Patricia Clarkson). Both brought the laughs in their own memorable and hilarious ways, establishing some of the best moments of the entire series. It's one scene in particular, submitted by u/KingFahad360 on the r/PandR Reddit page, which fans were quick to chime in like a Pawnee town meeting to give their verdict. Fans of the Emmy-nominated show (via Emmy) believed this stand-out moment was the best Tammy-tinted encounter for the entire series.

Fans think Tammy One's arrival putting the fear in Ron is the funniest scene

Having already had a run-in with Tammy Two, Ron gets the chilling news that his first ex-wife, Tammy One, was in his office, putting Swanson into an immediate flight mode that was rarely seen from the manliest man in the office. Realizing that "she's near," he reveals a hidden grab bag while advising his good friend, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), on what to do during his time away. It's a moment that perfectly demonstrates Swanson's methodical way of life and its absolute absurdity. It still guarantees laughs after all these years.

The scene features a great effort from the real-life couple, with former "Will & Grace" star Mullally setting up the gag, only for Offerman to knock it down. As said by u/Xvalai, "Tammy Two's fear of Tammy One is alarming as well," as she bails, with u/GaucheAndOffKilter adding, "Megan Mullally is a treat. One of so many fantastic talents in Pawnee." From there, though, Offerman's brilliantly displays his dread as Swanson tops off the hilarity. U/stueycal said, "his bug out bag has to be an all time favorite scene for me. Masterpiece." u/trynamakea_change chimed in, saying that "the jangle when he runs down the hall is absolute perfection." When it comes to Tammy One, can you blame him?