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The Best Way To Watch Seinfeld According To Jerry Seinfeld Himself

As a classic sitcom that's in reruns somewhere in the world pretty much every hour of the day, not to mention available to stream (you can currently catch it on Netflix), "Seinfeld" is a series that everyone watches in their own way. There are the perennial binge-watchers, who keep the show on during every free moment through all nine seasons, only to go back and start it all over again after it ends. There are the cherry-pickers, who keep their favorite episodes on hand to enjoy whenever the mood strikes. And there are the old school syndication hounds, who park themselves in front of their cable channel of choice at the appointed time to watch whatever "Seinfeld" episodes happen to be up in the rotation.

Snack junkies can't sit through an episode of "Seinfeld" without a bag of chips handy, while shushers demand absolute silence from anyone else in the room, even if they've seen the episode in question hundreds of times. And now, thanks to input from none other than series star and co-creator Jerry Seinfeld himself, we know about still another way to enjoy the show that bears his name.

Seinfeld suggests a new way to immerse yourself in the world of the show

The idea comes from a Reddit AMA that Jerry Seinfeld participated in back in the summer of 2014. The question: "Hi Jerry, what's the best way to watch an episode of Seinfeld? What should I be drinking, eating, and doing?"

Seinfeld's answer starts with a "Haha!" just in case anyone might miss the fact that he's joking. "Well you should always eat or drink whatever they're eating or drinking on the show," the comedian said. Don't have that particular product on hand? No problem: just "pause it when they get to a thing where they are eating or drinking something, and then go out and get that thing if you don't have it."

It's an absurd way to watch any show, but "Seinfeld" at least has no shortage of real-life foodstuffs and beverages for you to get your hands on if you wanted to try it out. Junior Mints, Snapple, Entenmann's cake, and Jujyfruits are just some of the products to have been memorably featured on the show. Just don't hold your breath looking for any Hennigan's Scotch.