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The Boys Season 3 Scene That Homelander Fans Are Glad Terrifies Them

When one has the ability to fly, immense strength, incredible resistance to physical harm, and the power to project destructive laser beams, the general public better hope one doesn't also have a mean streak. To that end, Homelander (Anthony Starr) of the television series "The Boys" represents the phrase "absolute power corrupts absolutely" to the letter. Created by Vought International and raised in relative isolation to be the flagship superhero of the company, Homelander presents a glowing face to the public, but just beneath the surface is an absolute monster with erratic behavior and a penchant for self-serving violence.

Throughout both Seasons 1 and 2 of "The Boys," Homelander becomes increasingly destructive as his handlers and mechanisms of control are either killed or removed. To those who know him beyond his public persona, Homelander creates a miasma of fear and intimidation –- it is never a good idea to upset a mercurial superman that has the ability to deal death in all manner of ways. Ultimately, the goal of the Boys themselves is to see Homelander's death and an end to his reign of tyranny and terror. 

Now that fans have gotten a chance to see the first couple episodes of "The Boys" Season 3, there is one particular Homelander scene that both terrifies and delights.

Fans love a scene between Starlight and Homelander that shows his growing instability

Starting the fan conversation on Reddit, u/AdamantiumLive said they have been eagerly anticipating a moment just like the one in the clip they posted from Season 3, Episode 3 that features Starlight (Erin Moriarty) confronting Homelander with a cell phone video of Homelander turning his back on a crashing plane, which shows off who he really is deep down. This blackmail has served to keep Homelander somewhat in check through Seasons 1 and 2, but this scene shows just how far Homelander has fallen as he calls Starlight's bluff, and asks her to release the video. He then threatens untold destruction as he outlines how he would decimate the United States and New York City if the video ever reaches the public. Homelander's fearsome diatribe makes Starlight realize just how dangerous Homelander is becoming, and a subtle panic can be detected.

Others also agreed with the original poster's love of the scene, with u/Zebras_lie saying, "OMG this guy does 'menacing' like no one else in the business! I remember the scene last season where he is angry and in a room full of highly trained commandos and he just saunters over and closes the door. Man that was scary and he didn't even do anything much." Redditor u/KobeGenobe22 is also a fan of this direction for Homelander, and added, "For real man, unhinged Homelander is so scary to watch, but that is what makes him so entertaining. He could literally destroy the world if he wanted to, him realising it here was so well executed." 

Needless to say, it appears as if fans are enjoying this terrifying new iteration of the central antagonist of "The Boys."