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Here's One Big Question Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 Won't Answer

Contains spoilers for "Stranger Things" Season 4, Volume 1

"Stranger Things" is a sci-fi horror series fueled by '80s nostalgia and Joe Keery's incredible hair. So far, the show has seen a group of children in Hawkins, Indiana, battling Demogorgons, a Mind Flayer, and the worst monster of them all: puberty. Now that Volume 1 of "Stranger Things" Season 4 has been out for a few days, fans have had time to dive into the seven currently available episodes. With four separate storylines and over 20 active characters across multiple states and countries, there are a number of questions left to be answered.

While some of the murkier lore points have been — sort of — clarified, such as how Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) banished One (Jamie Campbell Bower) from our realm and created the Upside Down in one fell swoop, the newest batch of episodes proposed as many new questions as it answered old ones. Unfortunately, creators Matt and Ross Duffer have gone on record to say that not all those mysteries will be unraveled in Volume 2 of Season 4. Here's the big question that "Stranger Things" won't answer ... yet.

Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2 won't explain the Upside Down's time mystery

In an interview with Variety, Matt and Ross Duffer discussed Volume 1, shedding light where they felt comfortable doing so and shutting down anything they deemed too important to spoil. They shared how Netflix sat them down early on during the show's existence and forced them to explain the lore of the Upside Down, how they accidentally forgot the birthday they chose for Will (Noah Schnapp), and how timelines and math can be something of a tough recollection for them. But the most interesting information revealed during their interview came when they were asked why the Upside Down seemed to be stuck in a singular moment in time, specifically, the moment Will was taken by the Demogorgon in Season 1.

To this, Matt said, "That is a very good question. That is actually one of the few questions that we've raised this season that isn't going to get answered in Volume 2. But that's setting the stage for some big reveals in our final season. ... there'[re] still mysteries about the Upside Down, and that is a big one. But we really wanted to hint at it this season because it's going to play such a huge role moving [forward]." Volume 2 of "Stranger Things" Season 4, which will consist of two episodes that add up to approximately four hours of content (via Inverse), will be released on July 1, so even though the time stop won't be explained, at least this story arc will be wrapped up shortly.