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Temuera Morrison Makes A Surprising Confession About The Book Of Boba Fett

"The Mandalorian" set the bar high for live-action "Star Wars" series coming to Disney+. And that show had an extra advantage of primarily following unknown characters (at least in its first season), so it's safe to say expectations were substantially higher when it came to "The Book of Boba Fett." The titular bounty hunter has always been a fan favorite of the franchise, even if he didn't have much to do in the movies. His own show was finally a shot of redemption and a chance to prove Boba Fett could take the reins of his own story, but the reaction to "The Book of Boba Fett" was far more mixed compared with "The Mandalorian."

One merely has to look at Rotten Tomatoes to see how it fared. The show earned a rating of 66% from critics on the website. Still, it earned a decent amount of praise, including these words from Liz Shannon Miller, writing for Consequence, "There were a ton of bits and pieces of these seven episodes that were genuinely fun to watch, depending on your level of fandom." It appears critics and fans aren't the only ones who wish things shook out differently, as Boba Fett actor Temuera Morrison has gone on the record to discuss his own regrets about the show.

Temuera Morrison says there are things he would have 'done a little bit different'

This isn't the first time Morrison has been outspoken about wishing things shook out differently on the "Star Wars" series. In an interview with NME, Morrison conceded that he believed Boba Fett spoke far too much and that it gave away his mystique. As he explained, "I speak far too much. In fact, in the beginning, I was trying to pass my lines on to Ming-Na [Wen]. I said: 'Excuse me, director, I really feel that Ming-Na should say these lines, 'cause I wanna stay mysterious. I wanna stay quiet.'"

In a more recent interview with Screen Rant, Morrison didn't provide any details about what else he might regret about the series, but he did confirm there were things he wished would've turned out differently. He elaborated, "Now that I'm looking back at it, I don't know, it's just one of those things. Things are great when you look back, but there are some things I may have done a little bit different."

While he keeps more pertinent details close to the chest, Morrison does confirm that he's enjoyed his time in the Mandalorian armor: "But again, just for me to work with Jon [Favreau] and be part of the Mandalorian family [has] just been quite phenomenal, really." If "The Book of Boba Fett" Season 2 ever happens, perhaps some of Morrison's criticisms will be addressed.