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This Chicago PD Evidence Room Detail Suggests A Scientology Connection

Easter eggs have become commonplace in media. Many creators like putting in references and tiny details to either their past work or something related to the show or movie to give fans something to look for and appreciate upon multiple viewings. Sometimes these Easter eggs smack you right in the face. Other times, you really have to dig deep to the point where others will inevitably ask, "How did you find such a detail?"

That seems to be the case with one obscure reference in an episode of "Chicago P.D." Seeing how it's part of the "One Chicago" franchise, one would expect references to other series within that umbrella, such as "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago Med." However, one Redditor managed to catch a very bizarre reference during a sequence in the evidence room, and fans have quickly piled on top of the frame to offer an explanation as to why it's there.

Why is a sticker of John Travolta in the evidence room?

Redditor u/UpsteadInsideOut, an appropriate name for a frequenter of "One Chicago" subreddits, pointed out an unusual detail within the "Chicago P.D." evidence room. During one scene where the team's examining the whiteboard, you can find a sticker featuring a picture of noted actor and Scientologist John Travolta next to it. It appears to be stuck to a filing cabinet, and the real question on everyone's mind is: what's that doing there?

Naturally, fans were quick to chime in with their theories, including one user who wrote, "Maybe he was Hank or Alvin's favorite actor back in the day? Or Trudy?" It would make the most in-universe sense, and while it's possible Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) likes John Travolta as an actor, Redditor u/kindafunnylookin came up with an alternate take that has more to do with the real world. 

They wrote, "Actually Jason Beghe used to be a pretty high-up Scientologist like Travolta, so it's not inconceivable that they knew each other pretty well." Rolling Stone confirms that Beghe was a long-time Scientologist who left the church in 2007. It's possible the sticker's a reference to the actor's past, but for now, fans are merely left to wonder how John Travolta factors into the 21st District.