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Fans Have Had Enough Of This Blue Bloods Character

No matter what a television show is about, fans will keep coming back week after week only if they connect with the characters. Every series needs compelling individuals who keep the plotlines interesting. Once you understand a character's motivations and beliefs, it's all the more intriguing to see them put into more outrageous scenarios to see how they react. Ideally, they'll continue acting in engaging ways, but sometimes, when a character gets more to do, it brings out the worst in them. 

For the most part, viewers seem to love watching the Reagan family on "Blue Bloods" clean up the streets of New York. They may not always make the wisest decisions, but they always have the interest of their fellow citizens at heart. But when you look outside the Reagans, you may come across some people who don't exactly hit the same way. That's the case with one of the Reagans' allies, whom fans think we've seen enough of at this point.

Fans think Sid is too pro-cop

Not every character will be a winner. Naturally, a show, especially one that deals with real-life issues, has to provide opposing viewpoints from different characters, so it makes sense someone would come along fans disagree with. That appears to be the case with Sid (Robert Clohessy), whom fans seem to have gotten sick of as of late. It all started with a Reddit thread kicked off by u/TheFantasticXman1, who wrote, "I used to like Sid, but he's always gotten on my nerves with his [unabashedly] pro-cop stance. He always supports cops no matter what and whilst that's not inherently a bad thing, he goes too far with it sometimes."

They go on to list examples of times Sid was clearly in the wrong with his opinion, and these instances seem to have rubbed other fans the wrong way, too. Redditor u/Powerful_Factor1887 chimed in with, "Completely agree and I love Sid's character but I think they are changing his character to be more staunchly pro-cop." Another user believed there was another explanation for why Sid may come across as more unlikable as of late, "I don't think his character has changed, he's just getting more episode time. Sid was hired because he's a cop's cop."

While Sid may be annoying to some, there are those who understand why he's an essential presence within the show, especially given how much time he has with police commissioner Frank (Tom Selleck). Redditor u/Jlx_27 espouses, "But Sid is a real thing in policing too. The character should be on the show to show that side of policing too. That he gets on your nerves is credit to the actor on my opinion." Sid may get on viewers' nerves, but it would appear that's the point. He challenges the other characters and shows how reasonable everyone else is.