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My Hero Academia Fans Are Unsurprisingly Divided Over Yaoyorozu's Costume

Like many animes with giant casts, "My Hero Academia" has good and bad characters. Its story takes place in a world where lots of people have superpowers called "quirks," and explores the inevitable clashes between good and evil such a setting creates. Because a large chunk of population has powers in this universe, "My Hero Academia" features quirks that often skew toward truly wild abilities, like Best Jeanist's (voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa in Japanese and Micah Solusod in English) control over cloth fibers.

While "My Hero Academia" isn't necessarily the most obvious example of the kind of anime you shouldn't watch with your family, there are some exceptions. Take Momo Yaoyorozu (Marina Inoue and Colleen Clinkenbeard), whose quirk is to create things from her exposed skin. Her superhero costume and physique really, really underline the "exposed skin" part of the equation, to the point that Best Jeanist wouldn't have much to work with in a battle against her. This has understandably caused plenty of discussion among the fanbase, and fans are decidedly divided about the character's outfit. 

Momo Yaoyorozu's revealing hero costume divides opinions

When a fan posted a more modest and practical redesign idea for Yaoyorozu's outfit on Reddit, many "My Hero Academia" aficionados emerged to express their views on the character's revealing costume. The fan redesign omitted the heels and cleavage of the character's canon costume, which many fans praised. "This is a much better costumes design! Her costume has always been my least favorite in the series. It clashes with her character in every way," u/rwilliams42044 wrote, with others like u/Skylinens and u/Zeeman9991 agreeing with this. 

Other redditors argued that the character's creation power is fueled by her body fat deposits, so the costume's open design makes sense in the context of how the series defines her quirk. "She doesn't need only skin, she needs fat to create stuff too. Her having quick access to the two biggest source of fat on her body actually does make sense," u/YobaiYamete wrote. "I'm sorry, but as dumb as the boob window looks, it makes way more sense for her to have a lot of surface area on her chest to pull things out of. It would be impossible to pop stuff out of her back then grab it in a fight," u/DrStein1010 noted. 

Unfortunately, other fans  had rather less articulate things to say in defense of Yaoyorozu's costume, seeing as moderator u/cblack04 eventually stepped in. "Sorry OP but this thread is getting a bit toxic with the discussion so we're gonna lock the thread," they wrote. 

The thread isn't the only place where the character's costume has caused unwelcome commentary, as Twitter user @Sylveon_XYZ heavily implied with a story about their viewing experience. "Of course My Hero Academia puts Momo Yaoyorozu with her hero costume on screen when my dad comes in," they tweeted.