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These Scathing Fan Takes Prove Not Everyone Loved Moon Knight

Marvel is expanding its ever-growing universe with each new release on Disney+, and so far, most of the new series have been well-received. For instance, the first Marvel Cinematic Universe series released on Disney+, "WandaVision," received an impressive Rotten Tomatoes rating of 91%. Meanwhile, both "Loki" and "Hawkeye" managed to surpass that high bar with a 92% critics score each. 

The most recent Marvel show, "Moon Knight," has seemed to follow its predecessors in its good standing. The series sees Oscar Isaac as the protagonist, a man with dissociative identity disorder who goes by the names of Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and Jake Lockley and who gets caught up with the dangerous antics of Egyptian gods and goddesses. "Moon Knight" breaks new ground in the MCU with its foray into Egyptian mythology, which is one of the reasons that many critics raved about the series. TVLine called it "Disney+'s most original Marvel series," while Empire said, "Moon Knight is an MCU departure in both topic and tone, spicing the superhero formula with a cocktail of comedy-horror and a twist of old-school adventure." 

However, despite its mostly positive reviews, some fans were not impressed, proving "Moon Knight" isn't for everyone.

Some fans hate how Moon Knight strays from the comics

Even with a franchise as widely popular as the MCU, not everyone is going to love each new release, and that is true of "Moon Knight." For one, many fans were left disappointed that the series strayed so far from its source material. In a Reddit thread titled "This show sucks," u/FitziTheArtist wrote, "All the producers of this show had to do was film the first six comics ... instead we get repetitive dialogue, slow plot, and just rampant silliness." Fellow Redditor u/Yoerri was in agreement and added, "Moon Knight had so much potential. Wish they would've sticked more to the tone of the comics."

Another major complaint from fans is that "Moon Knight" focused more so on Marc Spector and Steven Grant dealing with dissociative identity disorder rather than the Moon Knight persona. This was the main argument of u/Daveb585 who wrote, "This show sucked a**. It was 60% Steven Grant, 35% Marc Spector, 2% Mr. Knight and 3% Moon Knight." And u/NoNahNope318 similarly griped, "Not nearly enough Moon Knight, and Steven is profoundly irritating."

While there's no official word yet on Season 2 of "Moon Knight," the Season 1 finale certainly left things open for continuation, so it's possible the series will get the chance to redeem itself in the eyes of those fans. However, "Moon Knight" executive producer Grant Curtis told Entertainment Weekly that he doesn't yet know what the future holds for the series. He said. "I think because of where we left the character, he could merge nicely into the MCU ... But I do not know! Kevin [Feige] knows all."