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The Flash Star Teases A Major Surprise Cameo In The Season 8 Finale

As "Arrow" found its footing on The CW and forever changed comic book shows, plans to develop an entire small screen DC universe around it began to unfold. Dubbed the Arrowverse, this interconnected franchise really got going in 2014 when its second installment, "The Flash," graced the television sets for the first time. Starring Grant Gustin as the titular speedster, the series caught on with viewers in no time at all, allowing it to become a cornerstone of the Arrowverse and one of the most widely beloved DC Comics adaptations to ever come to fruition.

In the years since its arrival, "The Flash" has had a lot to offer viewers. Action, drama, time travel, crossovers, and more have kept fans thoroughly entertained while propelling the series longer than most would've anticipated. It's currently well past the 150-episode mark and was renewed for a 9th season on The CW on March 22, 2022 (via Variety), making it the longest-running Arrowverse show to date. However, before we get to that point, Season 8 still has to wrap up, and its finale is one that die-hard "Flash" fans certainly won't want to miss.

As "The Flash" Season 8 winds down its 20-episode run, one of its cast members has teased an exciting cameo for the final episode. Here's what they had to say.

Danielle Nicolet promises a guest appearance that no one will be able to predict

The final episode of "The Flash" Season 8 aims to reach the airwaves on June 29, 2022, but that hasn't stopped Danielle Nicolet from building some anticipation early. On May 1, she sat down with TVLine, and upon being asked about the upcoming episode, she couldn't help but bring up the surprise cameo it will bring. "Anybody that you're thinking it might be, nope! It's not at all who you think it is. Everyone is going to be screaming, they'll be so excited to see this person," the Cecile Horton actress said, promising that it's going to surprise everyone.

Nicolet didn't provide additional details about who this mystery guest star could be, so, naturally, "Flash" fans went into speculation mode. In a Reddit thread by anthonystrader18, folks from all corners of the community offered up potential cameos. Some hope it'll be Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), thus connecting "Superman & Lois" closer to the rest of the Arrowverse, while others have their fingers crossed we'll see the return of Oliver "Green Arrow" Queen (Amell). Although, with such little information to build theories on, the possibilities are endless.

As online debate runs rampant, fans can only do one thing: patiently await the arrival of the Season 8 finale of "The Flash" and soak in the excitement — or disappointment — in this secret cameo once it happens.