The Ending Of The Resort Explained

Normally, a trip to Hawaii is a cause for celebration. But in "The Resort," it leads to a nightmare scenario the characters only wish they could wake up from. 

The film follows writer Lex (Bianca Haase) and her three friends as they travel to a Hawaiian island. However, they're not interested in soaking up some rays. Instead, Lex has an interest in horror fiction, so the gang sets out to investigate reports of a haunted, abandoned hotel resort to look into the urban legend of the Half-Faced Girl. Seeing as how this is a horror flick, after all, the tales turn out to be accurate, and one by one, the group is picked off by demonic forces, leading to a delirious ending.

Not everything is as it seems for the finale of "The Resort," and you may have some questions about what you just saw immediately afterward. Consider this your all-encompassing resource for knowing precisely what happens at the end of "The Resort."

What's really going on in the hospital?

After Lex has an encounter with the undead body of Bree (Michelle Randolph), she enters a liminal space of all white. Upon screaming, we go back to the hospital. Throughout the film, this has been used as a framing device, so the audience is led to believe that Lex is the only one of her friends to make it out alive. Of course, not everything is as it seems at first glance. 

After realizing the police officer interviewing her has the same dark veins as the demons at the resort, the cop strikes. When Lex pulls back the curtains, she discovers she's back at the resort, albeit in a far more ethereal form. It becomes abundantly clear at this point that Lex didn't actually survive her encounter on the island. She died too; now, she's destined to spend her afterlife in an endless loop of torment.

Who's the Half-Faced Girl?

By the film's end, we aren't given a ton more information on who precisely the Half-Faced Girl is, but what we do know is that she's indeed real. She's an evil spirit that haunts the island, as Lex and her friends discover upon exploring the resort. In terms of powers, it seems the apparition can force individuals to do her whim and turn them into monsters of the undead. 

We see this after Bree's death. The remaining three friends run through the resort, looking for a way to get out. At one point, a hand jettisons out and drags Sam (Michael Vlamis) into the darkness. When we see Sam next, he's clearly under the influence of the Half-Faced Girl, only returning to normal ever so briefly to torment Lex and Chris (Brock O'Hurn) one final time before the spirit appears behind him and rips his face apart. 

Later, she assumes the body of the now-undead Bree, creepily singing "Happy Birthday" to Lex before lighting everything on fire. That's when we go back to Lex in the hospital one final time before the truth is revealed ...

Is the policeman alive?

The framing device the film uses is Lex speaking with a police officer. We're led to believe she survived the events of the film, only for it to be revealed that she's still within the island's grasp. It begs the question: is the police officer himself alive, or is he another apparition?

Earlier in the film, the officer mentions how he visited the island when he was younger. As such, it's safe to say that he, too, fell victim to the Half-Faced Girl's curse, so he's another spirit destined to torment those who also visit the island. In a way, this knowledge makes the film all the scarier. The fate bestowed upon those who encounter the Half-Faced Girl doesn't end when they die. It extends even into the afterlife, meaning Lex and her friends will likely experience this horror forever. And to think it all started with them just wanting to have a little bit of fun in Hawaii.