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The Legendary Star Trek Actor You Likely Forgot Starred On The Simpsons

With over 700 episodes to its name, it should come as no surprise to hear how "The Simpsons" has had a plethora of guest stars over the years. Practically every celebrity under the sun has appeared in an episode, occasionally as themselves, to help cause mischief in Springfield. From Dustin Hoffman to Johnny Cash, a shorter list would likely entail everyone who hasn't been in a "Simpsons" episode. 

As such, it's easy to overlook certain actors who have appeared on the show over the years. But it's only fitting to give special consideration to a legendary "Star Trek" actor who appears not once but twice on the animated sitcom — Sir Patrick Stewart. He's perhaps best known for playing Captain Jean-Luc Picard on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," but he's a venerable force in the entertainment industry and has amassed numerous other credits to his name, including a character in one of the best "Simpsons" episodes of all time.

Patrick Stewart played the head of the Stonecutters on The Simpsons

Many celebrities end up playing a fictitious version of themselves on "The Simpsons," but occasionally, you have an actor step into a role wholly different from who they are. That was the case for Patrick Stewart in both instances he strolled into Springfield, most notably with his role in Season 6's "Homer the Great." In the episode, Homer desperately wants to join the mysterious Stonecutter organization, and at the head of this group is Number One, voiced by Patrick Stewart. The actor uses his dignified voice to excellent effect in the role, with plenty of classic lines, such as "Everyone takes the same oath."

Number One is never seen again on "The Simpsons," but Patrick Stewart would return to Springfield many years later with Season 24's "The Fabulous Faker Boy." Homer's upset because he lost what little hair he had left, but an unnamed coworker, also voiced by Stewart, goes to him to provide advice, and he points out all of the fabulous advantages of going bald. 

Numerous publications have praised Stewart's role in "Homer the Great" over the years. Collider listed the actor amongst the best "Simpsons" guest stars of all time. Fansided also paid tribute to Stewart's voiceover work on the sitcom, ranking him at number five for all-time best "Simpsons" cameo appearances. So get ready to cue up "Homer the Great" on Disney+ so that you can sing along to "We Do (The Stonecutters' Song)" with the rest of the secret society.