The Hilarious Thing Stranger Things' Stars Do When They Flub A Take

When you're dealing with an issue as significant as an invasion from another dimension, it helps to get your head right in-between close encounters, no matter how you do it. That seems to be an ongoing issue for the cast of "Stranger Things," which is heading into its fourth season — one promising to be far more horrible and gruesome than before. With an all-new threat that looks to have stitched together the gnarliest parts of Freddy Krueger and Pinhead, Vecna is bent on turning Hawkins upside-down from the Upside Down, and there's only one waffle-loving girl and her group of friends that can stop him.

Now while there are the occasional laughs to be had (mainly at the expense of Dustin and Steve), the majority of the show is focused on seeing if our favorite teenagers, video store clerks, and the like make it through another year alive. It's a tense issue to work around, that sometimes causes the cast bringing the characters to life to crack under pressure, in the best way before they get their head back in the game. 

Now, when dealing with such fictional life-or-death situations, how does the cast recover from scenes that they occasionally mess up in? As it turns out, should such a rare instance befall them while filming, all it takes is busting a move to get them back into the swing of things.

Dancing in between takes helps the Stranger Things cast 're-center' for a scene

In a recent interview with the BBC, Ali Plumb highlighted to Priah Ferguson, Sadie Sink, Gaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin (who play Erica, Max, Dustin, and Lucas, respectively) that dancing seems to have been a crucial part of the show since the beginning. Over the years, many of the bloopers had seen the cast often dancing in between takes before someone shouts "action," at which point they can get back to tackling Demogorgons and Mindflayers. 

Why is the cast always dancing, though? How did this tradition start? Thankfully, Matarazzo quickly explained the method to their madness. "I think it's just a recentering, I think it's just like an 'alright, let's shake it out.'" 

Sadie backed up her co-star, advising that there's a lot of "hip movement" involved. Finn Wolfhard, on the other hand, claims to have another method to reset, saying, "Yeah, I clap. There's a lot of that." Of course, whatever techniques are applied, it's paying off. After all, every member of the main cast has returned to take on more significant dangers and longer trips into the dark, often gooey-looking terrain of the Upside Down. 

Could dancing save the day? You'll find out when "Stranger Things" arrives on Netflix on Friday, May 27.