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This Chicago PD Couple Might Have Been Better Off As Friends

There are several reasons why people tune in week after week to check out shows in the "One Chicago" franchise. For starters, there's usually some kind of life-or-death action transpiring that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Of course, there have to be quieter moments, too, where the eclectic cast of characters gets chances to focus more on interpersonal relationships, particularly when romance blooms at the station. 

Plenty of fan-favorite couples have developed in the 21st district over the years. Apparently, when you work side-by-side with someone, it's only natural for romance to spark. These relationships offer a chance for viewers to see a different side of these beloved characters and get to know them in a way you can't really see when they're on the streets of Chicago on a mission. Unfortunately, not every "Chicago P.D." couple will win over fans' hearts, and it would appear there's one, in particular, that fans didn't care for.

Some fans think Hailey and Jay lack that romantic spark

Normally, when two "One Chicago" characters get together, it's a cause for celebration. But as a relationship drags on, it may become apparent that the two simply have no real chemistry together, and it appears fans believe that's the case between Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) and Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer). The two dated for a while on the series before eventually tying the knot, but it seems like, after all this time, some fans still haven't come around to the idea of the two being together.

Redditor u/Cjkgh kicked off an entire anti-Upstead thread, writing, "They just have no chemistry, IMO ... I feel Jay could do so much better and so could the writers as far as love interests for either of them." They weren't alone in that opinion, as plenty of others chimed in with their thoughts to discuss how they thought the couple would've been better off as friends. Redditor u/New_Guess9030 even came up with an explanation as to why they feel more like friends than lovers: "I've always thought because Hailey's character is so closed off, anything affectionate on her part seems a kinda weird."

The two may be married for the moment, but you never know what may happen next on a show filled with such constant drama as "Chicago P.D." Relationships seem to change at a moment's notice, so fans may get their wish down the road.

Is this why fans think Upstead has no chemistry?

Why would so many fans think Upstead would be better off as just friends?

As it turns out, there may be an in-universe reason for that belief. In December 2021, Spiridakos and Soffer did an interview with Hollywood Life, where they discussed how even they believe their characters come across as a bit too cold and analytical. When the prospect of a honeymoon between the two comes up, Soffer responded, "I think these two are workers. They're on the grind. So I do think, as we were saying, [marriage is] this logical thing of closure. This is the next step in our lives. We're doing it. Great, it's done. Now back to work. That's kind of how it is."

It appears Soffer views the two as being incredibly connected to their line of work. They don't get bogged down with forming too many emotional connections, even when it's as husband and wife. It could explain why fans feel there's no chemistry between the two. They may be married to one another, but they're married to their professions first and foremost.