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The Character From The Boys That Fans Think Is A Deadpool Parody

Amazon's "The Boys" takes the superhero genre and completely flips it on its head. For the most part, people with superpowers aren't these beacons of righteousness. They're often only looking out for their own self-interest, as evidenced most of all by Homelander (Antony Starr), who as fans will remember all too well, was more than happy to let a plane filled with people crash since it meant helping the Vought Corporation.

This subversion is made all the more apparent by how certain characters can be viewed as parodies of some more famous superpowered individuals. Naturally, Homelander can be viewed as a corrupt version of Superman. Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) is analogous to Wonder Woman with her Amazon-esque get-up as well as super strength and durability. And A-Train (Jessie T. Usher), as a speedster, bears the most similarities with Flash. 

However, that begs the question: whom does Black Noir take after? He's the silent member of the Seven who doesn't initially appear to bear a resemblance to any comic book character. Of course, if you ask some fans, there's a clear parallel to be drawn between Black Noir and a famous Marvel antihero.

The following contains spoilers for "The Boys" Season 3, Episode 3.

Some fans think Black Noir parodies Deadpool

On the surface, Deadpool and Black Noir couldn't be more different. After all, you'd have a hard time getting Deadpool to shut up (not including the time his mouth was literally sewn shut in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"). Meanwhile, Black Noir keeps quiet on "The Boys." But if you look beneath the surface differences, you may find there's actually something there, as a Reddit thread details. 

As people discuss Black Noir's significance, one user makes the connection between Noir and Deadpool, allowing Redditor u/CreatureWarrior to comment, "I like Deadpool. He's this guy who just vibes after killing a bunch of people. I find it really funny how Black Noir has his little tea room where he meditates and drinks tea from those tiny cups etc. He also plays piano lol." It appears the similarity being drawn is that they're both vicious killers who don't allow their victims to weigh down their consciences. 

Of course, Black Noir is fleshed out a bit more in the comics, where he's an identical clone to Homelander designed to kill him in case he ever gets out of control. The show seemingly swapped this up, as it's revealed in Season 3 that he's a former member of Payback who suffered severe injuries while on a job in Nicaragua. 

Black Noir defies typical targets, and it doesn't really seem he bears a direct correlation to any DC or Marvel hero. It allows for a wider range of jokes at his expense, but perhaps as the series goes on, he'll adopt a stronger resemblance to other mercenaries.