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My 600-Lb Life Fans Weigh In On The Show's Unsung Heroes

"My 600-lb Life" depicts the trials and tribulations people who are severely obese go through on their journey to get healthier. They know that if they don't make a profound change to their lifestyles soon, they'll end up dying prematurely. As such, they'll completely upend their lives to see Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, a surgeon specializing in weight-loss surgeries. Before going through with any surgery, Dr. Now will give his patients a list of steps to take so that they can lose weight on their own before going through with gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy.

From there, it's up to the patients to decide how they will implement these strict new rules. Sometimes they adopt a new diet fairly easily. In other instances, they fight Dr. Now's recommendations tooth and nail. Either way, the patients get the lion's share of attention on the show, but some Redditors have taken the time to recognize some of the more unsung heroes of the program online.

The helpers on My 600-lb Life deserve special attention

Many of the patients shown on "My 600-lb Life" have trouble with the most basic tasks. They can often barely move without assistance, so it was wholly appropriate when Redditor u/ConfusedTrombone gave a special shoutout to those who help their loved ones with these everyday activities. They wrote, "I just rewatched Diane's episode and her nephew-in-law(?) Paul is just a saint. Helping lift her into the car, taping the extension cord to her cpap machine, adjusting his work situation to move to Houston, silently helping and not complaining and just being the sweetest person ever."

Family is always supposed to be there for you, and that's exemplified all the way on "My 600-lb Life." A lot of people go the extra mile on the show to help their loved ones; as u/portaporpoise pointed out, "All the children who bathe and dress their parents. I just watched Cynthia's [Where Are They Now], and the look on her daughter's face when she said she was quitting Dr. Now's program broke my heart." The patients all have people in their lives who just want the best for them and are willing to sacrifice their own happiness for their well-being and health. 

The episodes tend not to focus on these individuals as much, but they certainly deserve recognition for all they've done for their family and friends over the years.