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The Tammy Theory That Had Half Of Rick And Morty Fans Rolling Their Eyes

"Rick and Morty" naturally lends itself to fan theories. After all, there's so much going on during any given episode, and Rick always manages to stay 10 steps ahead of his adversaries at every turn. It's easy to go back to older episodes and connect dots that may or may not have been left there intentionally. For instance, there's a prominent theory that the source of Rick's intelligence comes from the mega seeds featured in the pilot episode and that he keeps this concoction in his flask, which is why he always has to drink from it.

However, there's another theory that's been percolating for quite a while. One Reddit thread kicks off this theory, which features an image from the Season 1 episode, "Meeseeks and Destroy," where Summer instantly becomes popular thanks to the help of Mr. Meeseeks. A group of students crowds around her, including Federation agent-in-disguise, Tammy. The theory states that Summer's use of Mr. Meeseeks revealed that Rick Sanchez was on Earth, allowing Tammy to infiltrate his ranks and ultimately deceive him and his brethren, like Bird Person, in Season 2's "The Wedding Squanchers."

Unfortunately, not everyone in the thread is as convinced the theory holds water.

Some fans think there was nothing to infiltrate

On the surface, it's easy to see how the "Meeseeks and Destroy" moment leads to what we see in "The Wedding Squanchers," but some people require more convincing. Specifically, Redditor u/demon_ix broke down why the theory doesn't hold up, saying, "Tammy was already an undercover agent working to infiltrate Rick's inner circle. The guy walks around the universe telling everyone his name is Rick Sanchez. Do you really need to be any sort of detective to find him once you've traced him to Earth?"

If anything, the theory would only explain how Tammy became friends with Summer in the first place to the point where she would be invited to the Smith household party in "Ricksy Business." She then could've used that party as an excuse to get close with Bird Person and set a series of events in motion to take out Rick and most of his criminal cohorts. 

After all, Tammy knew Rick had to be nearby; otherwise, she wouldn't have enrolled as a student at that particular school where his grandkids happen to also go. And if Summer never used Mr. Meeseeks to become popular, Tammy would've found another opportunity to befriend Summer or get close with Morty. But this is likely one development that doesn't have much in the way of greater machinations at play.