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The Hilarious Way That Parks And Recreation Fans Relate To Ron

NBC's "Parks and Recreation" came to a close in 2015, yet it hasn't totally disappeared from the pop culture landscape in the years since. Much like one of its most prominent contemporaries, "The Office," it still has a large, devoted fanbase, and some elements of it have worked their way into the mainstream. Andy Dwyer's (Chris Pratt) band Mouse Rat, the Pawnee, Indiana icon Li'l Sebastian, and Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) and Donna Meagle's (Retta) "Treat Yo Self" mantra have yet to disappear, much like the rugged, mustachioed outdoorsman, Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman).

Swanson was a key player on "Parks and Rec" throughout its six years on the air, providing audiences with countless memorable quotes, moments, and pieces of life advice. Ever-wary of the government and people in general, he lives a distant, secretive lifestyle despite working at the head of the Pawnee, Indiana Parks and Recreation Department. Over time, he slightly opens up to his co-workers, primarily Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), but rarely divulges more than he feels anyone needs to know. Still, for all of his quirks, Ron Swanson is a good person deep down and surprisingly relatable.

According to some "Parks and Recreation" fans, they relate the most to this funny aspect of Ron Swanson's personality more than any other.

Some fans relate to Ron's lack of technological proficiency

Even though Ron Swanson presents himself as an alert individual with a strong grasp on how the world works, he has one major blind spot: modern technology. Throughout "Parks and Recreation," he's shown struggling to use everything from computers to cell phones, often getting frustrated with such devices and destroying them in short order. Reddit user Anthonym82 finds this aspect of his personality hilariously relatable, especially when he figures out tech that most people use without a second thought and displays a child-like giddiness toward it.

As the thread went on, numerous Redditors chimed in to agree with the original post, making it clear that Ron Swanson's relationship with technology is near-universally relatable. As it turns out, actor Nick Offerman is well aware of the resonance fans feel with his "Parks and Rec" alter ego, revealing as much to GQ in November of 2019. "I think Ron represents an economy of choice in an age when we are besotted with information and with the choices available to us," he said, referring to Ron Swanson as a throwback to a simpler time that many might find comfort in.

Don't let his cold exterior fool you, numerous "Parks and Recreation" fans have connected with Ron Swanson over the years for one reason or another. His response to technology is but one prominent facet of this deep-rooted bond.