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Justice League Had Its First Test Screening

It's been a long and winding process to unite the Justice League, but years of effort are soon to come to an end as Warner Bros. has held its first known secret test screening for the DC superhero team-up flick.

News of the screening first started trickling out on Twitter before reactions began to be compiled by ScreenRant and MovieWeb. While specific reviews of this surely early edit of the feature are blocked by non-disclosure agreements signed by all attendees, secondhand reactions and chatter are beginning to emerge—not that there appears to be any consensus as to how the movie is.

One Twitter account, BatmanNewsCom, posted an optimistic and enthusiastic message, saying the movie was "epic" and that movie fans turned off by previous entries in the DC Extended Universe shouldn't be concerned about what's in store for them in the team-up. "Spoke to 3 people who attended the test screening. They loved it!" the user said. "One person didn't like BvS/SS but loved JL."

Twitter user Steele131 also compiled a small collection of Tweets from users who had been invited to a test screening for the movie, and the reaction there was significantly more muted. All one user could muster was an "ehhhh" before adding that the movie was "fine." But of course, most people couldn't say anything, and the secondhand nature of these reports means that all anonymous impressions out there now should be taken more as chatter than hard fact.

Production on Justice League has been racing to the finish line over the last few months as director Joss Whedon conducted rewrites and reshoots for the movie after stepping in to finish the project after the departure of Zack Snyder in May amidst family tragedy. 

While it's hard to glean what the reaction to the movie will be when it's fully-finished and finally released, more reports about the movie's content should emerge as more people see the movie and it draws closer to release. From the current coverage, it appears the quality of the movie is divisive—so, sounds like the status quo for DC, so far.

After three years in production and over 10 years in development, Justice League will finally see the light of day on November 17. We'll have more on Justice League as the release approaches—while we look forward to this, and everything else on deck from DC and WB, check out our feature on the DC Comics movies that they'll never be allowed to make.