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7 Actors' Careers Ruined After Harry Potter

The Harry Potter franchise has become a worldwide phenomenon that audiences just can't get enough of. From the book series, theme parks, Pottermore community, blockbuster films, and recent reboots for the stage and screen, fans are holding onto the magic. Though, not everyone is happy about the longevity of the series. Unfortunately for many of the wizarding world alums, they haven't been able to shake off their alter egos and make it back onto the big screen without wands. Here is a list of Harry Potter actors whose careers went Avada Kedavra post-Potter flicks.

Rupert Grint

Life has not been so easy for the BFF of the "boy who lived" since the movie franchise ended. Unlike his Harry Potter co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, Grint hasn't been able to successfully cross over into the mainstream market. The actor's film credits haven't been extensive since his role as the sidekick to the chosen one, but he has starred in a number of under-the-radar films over the years. The ex-Harry Potter star also starred in the CBS pilot Super Clyde which was ultimately rejected by the network. More recently, he did a stint on Broadway in 2014's It's Only A Play and appeared in 2015's Moonwalkers. But the part of Ron Weasley is his biggest role to date.

James Phelps and Oliver Phelps

The red-haired (note: they dyed it) duo best known for their roles as the trouble-making wizard twins, Fred and George Weasley, began their acting careers on the set of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, but even now the two can't shake their double chemistry. In fact, James and Oliver have fallen into the twin trap supposedly getting roles that include having them acting together. The Phelps brothers' careers haven't exactly taken off. The two have appeared separately in a handful of movies, film shorts and TV shows since the Potter franchise. But it looks like they're stuck being a package deal.

Jamie Waylett

With more money comes more problems. That certainly seemed true for Harry Potter alum Jamie Waylett, who played one half of everyone's favorite Hogwart's bully as Vincent Crabbe. Someone was paying a little too much attention during herbology class. The young actor was reportedly arrested on drug charges back in 2009. Later, the actor was also arrested for allegedly participating in riots in England back in 2011 and was sentenced to two years in prison. This caused him to miss out on filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 & Part 2. Since then, Waylett's acting career hasn't picked up.

Harry Melling

Harry Melling terrorized the character of Harry Potter as his chubby cousin, Dudley Dursley. But Mellinghas since shed the pudgy pounds and looks almost unrecognizable. And his appearance isn't the only thing that has changed. While Melling has racked up a small number of credits in a few TV series, his focus has not been on getting back to the big screen. He reportedly did not want to get typecast in Dudley-like roles. The actor has pretty much moved on to the theater and has even found a place behind the scenes. He wrote his first play, Peddling, which opened in London and even had an off-Broadway run in New York.

Jamie Campbell Bower

There is something to be said for the teen scene producing some of Hollywood's most bankable films. Jamie Campbell Bower was introduced to the phenomenon as young Gellert Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. While he portrayed a minor Harry Potter character, this was just the start for the actor in franchise flicks. He later appeared as Caius in the Twilight Saga alongside another Potter alum: Robert Pattinson. Bower even stepped out in the forefront of The Mortal Instruments movie as Jace. Sadly, the film didn't gain enough steam to make him the next teen heartthrob.

Evanna Lynch

The Irish actress that befuddled audiences with her whimsical portrayal of the peculiar witch Luna Lovegood has ditched the riddles, but there's still the question why she hasn't found her acting niche. Lynch has only acted in a few films and stage plays since her tenure as the rambling Ravenclaw and starred in the 2013 teen movie G.B.F. However, Lynch has also pursued theater, modeling, and she has done charity work in her spare time. The blonde actress just hasn't quite garnered the spotlight like some of the other Harry Potter actors.