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The Seinfeld Episode That Fans Always Skip On A Rewatch

One of the greatest sitcoms of all time — if not the greatest — isn't without its flaws. "Seinfeld" has 180 episodes spanning nine seasons, a few of which are less than stellar. Earlier seasons of "Seinfeld" can be tough to get through on a re-watch, mainly because the show was still finding its footing and the characters weren't 100% established. They may not be the funniest episodes of the series, but they are perhaps the most realistic. Case in point: the nonsense that comes with waiting for a table at a restaurant, or when something minor happens to you health-wise, and you assume the worst like a heart attack.

Many people enjoy sitcoms for the laughs, the relatability, and how they can help one relax. No one turns on a comedy show to be irritated — but that's, unfortunately, the case with a very frustrating "Seinfeld" episode. One in particular from Season 3 seems to bother fans because something that continually happens in it is so incredibly annoying that it's not worth re-watching.

Seinfeld fans like to skip The Dog from Season 3

In a very popular thread on the "Seinfeld" subreddit, fans of the series debated which episode is the most skippable. There was an overwhelming response, which labeled "The Dog" (Season 3, Episode 4) as the episode many fans elect to skip on a rewatch. In the episode, Jerry is seated next to a drunk man on a flight back to New York City. The man falls ill and is admitted to the hospital, but he asks Jerry to watch his dog (Farfel) until he gets back. He does, and what comes after is almost unbearable to watch — or listen to.

It's not that the story isn't funny, but Farfel's barking is so annoying and constant that it makes it hard to focus on the episode. On top of that, Jerry is always yelling back at the dog, and it's just bedlam that goes on for far too long. "I've been watching Seinfeld to fall asleep for 15 years, I ALWAYS skip the Dog! It's impossible to relax with Frafel barking the whole time and if I happen to doze off during the episode before, that damn dog will undoubtedly wake me up," Redditor kalvinc2113 wrote on the thread to enormous support.

Farfel, who we never actually see, managed to annoy "Seinfeld" fans everywhere. "THE single worst one-off character," southcounty253 wrote on Reddit. "I can't stand the barking dog scenes that are just jarring and loud with Jerry then yelling at Farfel. There are just so many in that episode," the thread's original poster said.

Some other episodes that Redditors suggested were skippable, including the finale, the clip shows, both parts of "The Trip," and "The Cartoon," which heavily featured Kathy Griffin.