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Ferdinand Trailer Stars John Cena As A Lovable Bull

If you know the classic story of Ferdinand the bull, you know he's more of a lover than a fighter. The new trailer for Fox's animated version definitely makes that clear.

John Cena plays Ferdinand, a sweet and misunderstood bull who has a good heart and would prefer to smell flowers than fight. But unlike traditional trailers, the new look is more like a behind the scenes featurette with Cena explaining his character and the premise of the movie.

Set in Spain, it follows Ferdinand after he's mistaken for a dangerous beast and captured. But he's determined to return home to his family, and he teams with an unlikely group of misfits to prove he's not what everyone thinks he is.

The trailer also offers quick glimpses at some of the supporting cast, including Kate McKinnon, Anthony Anderson, Gabriel Iglesias, Bobby Cannavale, and yes, former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. Nick Jonas provides the theme song, if that's a selling point for you.

Ferdinand crashes into theaters on Dec. 15. In the meantime, check out some cartoon voices who look much different than you'd expect.