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The Underrated Side Character On Parks And Recreation According To Fans

"Parks and Recreation" did many things well. It offered exceptional political satire within the confines of a workplace sitcom. Through this, it delivered one hilarious, timely episode after the next, and through it all, it also made the audience care about a group of misfits brought together by their jobs. 

Everyone in the main cast of "Parks and Rec" is hilarious in their own way. Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) is always great as a straight man to some of his coworkers' zanier antics. Jerry (Jim O'Heir) is always good for a fart joke, and Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt) is the wild card every sitcom cast requires. A lot of great character moments are found throughout the series, so much so that it's easy for a few to slip through the cracks. Sometimes entire characters get overlooked, particularly when they joined the cast later in its run, and fans have come to recognize the sheer comedic brilliance of one such late addition.

Fans show some love for Craig

One of the best episodes of "Parks and Rec" Season 6 is "Doppelgangers." During the merger between Pawnee and Eagleton, the Parks department receives some new employees who weren't laid off, one of whom is an eccentric man by the name of Craig (Billy Eichner). He works alongside Donna (Retta), seeing as how he had the same position as her in Eagleton, and with Eichner's trademark shouting, Craig quickly becomes an MVP of the series.

This wasn't lost on fans, as Redditor u/vpndppfk posted the following online, "I like Craig, he was a good character imo." This is followed by a meme of Craig talking with Andy where he says, "I hear Cozy's bar gets pretty packed on Thursdays, but I've never been because it's mostly middle-aged women, and I'm allergic to turkey neck."

What follows is a "Best Of" list of some of the funniest Craig moments to transpire on the show. Reading through them all, it's easy to remember what a powerful presence he became despite joining near the tail-end of the sitcom's run.