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This Major Marvel Star Is Making His Debut On The Simpsons

"The Simpsons" has been America's most popular family for over 30 years, and during that time, quite a few famous faces have cropped up in guest roles. It almost seems like Hollywood's rite of passage, in certain regards. And while some cameos have been downright bizarre over the years, and others completely random, the show has nonetheless managed to attract everyone from Betty White to LeBron James. Whether it's a uber-famous singer, comedian, or actor, though, anyone invited to guest star on "The Simpsons" has to follow one rule: no pseudonyms. Back in 1993, creator Matt Groening told The New York Times, "If you're willing to do 'The Simpsons, you can't be ashamed of it."

Groening's rule still holds up today, when not even superheroes are exempt. In recent years, many of the biggest stars out there have made their names by bringing to life characters from the pages of Marvel Comics, and quite a few of these performers have made their way onto "The Simpsons." Paul Rudd, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Patrick Stewart – aka Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, and Professor Charles Xavier — are all Marvel stars who have appeared in the animated series.

Now, there's one more name that will soon be added to the list, and it's a big one.

Hugh Jackman will show off his singing chops on The Simpsons

Set to appear in Season 33 finale of "The Simpsons" is none other than Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, per Entertainment Weekly. 

In the episode, the actor won't be taking on the pointy claws or pointy hairstyle of his Marvel hero, but instead will pay homage to his current role in the Broadway musical "The Music Man" by voicing a singing janitor. This marks the first "Simpsons" appearance for Jackman, who reportedly turned down a role in the past due to his busy schedule, according to episode writer Tim Long. He told EW, "My understanding is that we offered him a part a few years ago, and he wanted to do it, but was swamped for time." He added, "This time he was available and gave us an enthusiastic yes! He also loved the part and the song we wrote for him, which I think really play to his enormous talents."

In an EW exclusive clip, Jackman's janitor, who works at Homer's nuclear power plant, bursts into a song to explain to Bart the downward spiral of America's middle class. The musical number was apparently inspired by an article in The Atlantic titled, "The Life in the Simpsons Is No Longer Attainable," according to Long. Also set to guest star alongside Jackman is former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who will star as himself, and help Jackman's janitor explain the woes of America's rising economic inequality.