Melissa McCarthy Stirs Up Laughs In First Trailer For Mockumentary Cook Off!

Is anyone else hungry?

The first trailer for the new Melissa McCarthy-led mockumentary Cook Off! sees the comedian starring as Amber Strang, a competitive baking contestant who goes whisk-to-whisk with a roster of screwball characters. 

We first hear an announcer welcome in waves of hopeful bakers and throngs of spectators to the annual "cook off," which is less-than-professional, as it's actually in a Los Angeles apartment complex's convention center. McCarthy's Amber is spotted next, sporting a frizzy, triangular-shaped bob haircut, a red apron thrown over a baggy sweatshirt, and what appears to be mashed sweet potato on her chin. Her character is then shown arranging a hodgepodge of ingredients in a pot atop a stove as she fields questions from a film crew. 

"My hands aren't that clean, but it really cooks up nice," she tells the camera. 

Other competitors vying for first place are Wendi McLendon-Covey as Pauline Solfest, who wears super-thick glasses and speaks in an even thicker Midwestern accent; Niecy Nash as Ladybug Briggs, who dresses tip-to-toe in red and black to represent her love for the tiny creatures; and Diedrich Bader as Del Crawford, the cook off's first-ever male contestant, described in the trailer as an "idiot savant."

Louie Anderson, McCarthy's husband and fellow actor Ben Falcone, and Phil LaMarr star in the upcoming film as well. Directed and co-written by Cathryn Michon, who also pops up in the movie, Cook Off! features a tone similar to writer-director Christopher Guest's dog show parody pic Best in Show and his send-up of folk music, A Mighty Wind, with its mockumentary filmmaking approach and cast of quirky but oh-so charming characters. 

Cook Off! is slated for a Stateside release on November 17. In the meantime, check out theseunderappreciated comedy movies you absolutely need to watch.