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Everyone Seems To Forget About Bruce MacVittie's Guest Role On Blue Bloods

Tragedy struck the entertainment industry on May 7, 2022 when Bruce MacVittie passed away at the age of 65. He was a veteran of Hollywood, having worked in numerous film and television projects since the 1980s, most notably with his role as Danny Scalercio on Season 4 of "The Sopranos." However, it was far from his only noteworthy performance as he also entertained millions on the likes of "Law & Order" and "Million Dollar Baby."

He became known for playing tough guys with sensitive souls, to the point where Al Pacino had this to say of the actor, "His performances were always glistening and crackling; a heart and a joy to watch. He was the embodiment of the struggling actor in New York City, and he made it work" (via The New York Times). Now's an excellent time to look back on his body of work, and you won't want to overlook his powerhouse performance on the "Blue Bloods" episode "Second Chances."

Bruce MacVittie tugged on viewers' heartstrings on Blue Bloods

On January 5, 2018, Bruce MacVittie made his "Blue Bloods" debut. He had secured the part of Lee McByrne on the episode "Second Chances." His involvement in the story begins when Lee's son pays a visit to Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan). He blames her for sending his dad to jail, causing him to fall off the wagon. She goes to find him and discovers he's at a bar, fully into the depths of his addiction. While she only wants what's best for him, he's not interested in hearing it and just wants Erin to leave him alone.

It's a role that hits you right in the gut, and while it's a one-off character, it stays in the mind long after the episode is over. As Al Pacino said of the actor, he was always "glistening and crackling," and you really see that in this performance where Lee is a broken man just trying to enjoy the last thing in his life that brings him happiness. 

You can watch all of "Second Chances" to appreciate just what a dynamite actor Bruce MacVittie was on Paramount+ and Hulu.