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What Only Eagle-Eyed My Hero Academia Fans Noticed About Mina's Outfits

"My Hero Academia" is an anime that could make MCU fans feel right at home. The series deals with the classic comic book clash of superheroes and villains but does so with an intriguing twist. In the world of "My Hero Academia," nearly everyone on the planet has an extraordinary power known as a Quirk. At U.A. High School, young students are training to master their Quirks and navigate the path to becoming pro heroes. Included in this class of young heroic hopefuls is the easygoing student Mina Ashido.

Mina's Quirk involves the manipulation of acid from her body. She can use the corrosive liquid to melt things, and she can also slide on it. Mina already physically stands out among her peers because of her pink skin, protruding horns on her head, and black and yellow eyes. But her cheerful personality and pleasant demeanor can also feel like a breath of fresh air compared to more intense classmates like Katsuki Bakugo. Mina's powers require some strong willpower and self-training, and that's probably why some eagle-eyed "MHA" fans couldn't help but notice a detail about one of her outfits.

Some of Mina's clothes are full of holes

Fans spent time on a Reddit post upvoted over 5,000 times debating whether some holes in one of Mina's outfits meant that it symbolized her Quirk control throughout the series. The particular outfit makes an appearance during Season 2, however, some fans noted that most of her similar tank top outfits in the later seasons don't have any holes. As u/PING wrote, "The only thing to look for is the holes stopping later in the season, indicating that she's gaining control over her acid powers." While the theory makes for a fascinating take on Mina evolving with her powers, it doesn't align with her canon progression. Even from one of the earliest story arcs, Mina proves that she's already got excellent proficiency with her abilities.

After taking Shota Aizawa's "Quirk Apprehension Test," (via Viz), Mina ultimately places 9th in her class of 20 students. Meanwhile, the series main, Deku, infamously comes in last place. It's a little bit of foreshadowing between the two. As the series goes on, Mina becomes even more adept with her abilities by coming up with impressive super moves. In Episode 113, she develops Acidman, a technique where she defensively encases herself in a protective acid shield. On the other hand, as Deku grows stronger with the powerful but disturbing One For All, each unlock isn't always so smooth. During Season 5, when he debuts Blackwhip for the first time, he quickly loses control of it.

Some fans believe Mina is just fashionable

Mina's Quirk control throws a wrench into the original poster's theory. However, many fans couldn't help but point out one other plausible reason for her clothing change. "I think it's mainly just a fashion choice, she is shown to have a trendy/punk sense of style, and ripped tanks are something you can buy off the shelf (like ripped jeans), u/SameGibbit wrote. The style theory does fall more in line with Mina's personality throughout the series — she's described as having an excellent eye for fashion and a passion for shopping. Even her colorful hero outfit seems to outshine other characters. As one fan noted about the punkish tank top attire, she's clearly got drip.

Although we mainly see Mina in either her U.A. uniform or hero costume, she does give some major hints of her passion for keeping up with the most fabulous styles. In a panel for Manga Chapter 68 (via Viz), as the class of 1-A readies for their summer trip, Mina's excitement explodes at the prospect of shopping at some of the trendiest stores. She also displays some style, sporting punky cut-off jean shorts and a cute t-shirt featuring her hero name, "Pinky." And in Episode 78, Mina shows off some more cool casual style with a leopard print blouse. Of course, the clothing might have been outshined a bit thanks to the cute bunny she was also holding. But even without the creature, she leaves many of her classmates in the dust when it comes to fashion.