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Blake Lively Regains Her Sight In Creepy All I See Is You Trailer

What would you do if you suddenly woke up one day and realized you looked like Blake Lively? Would you start looking for a hotter significant other?

That's loosely the premise of All I See Is You, a new psychological thriller from director Marc Forster (World War Z, Finding Neverland). 

Lively plays Gina, a woman who was blinded as a child in a car crash that claimed her parents' lives. Living in Thailand with her husband (Jason Clarke), she undergoes a corneal transplant to regain her vision. But when Gina begins to see the world around her (and all the possible romantic suitors), her husband becomes increasingly uneasy as the disturbing reality of their marriage comes into focus.

The trailer (backed by a haunting choral rendition of the Beach Boys classic "God Only Knows") also packs in some nightmarish imagery, hinting that this won't be on par with any Lifetime movies.

Of course, in real life, Lively is married to her Green Lantern co-star Ryan Reynolds, and he probably doesn't have to worry about hotter guys. 

All I See Is You arrives in theaters Oct. 27. Meanwhile, check out other movies we can't wait to see this fall.