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Batman Begins In Gotham Season 4 Extended Trailer

After spending its last three seasons building up the city's extensive rogues' gallery, it sure looks like Fox's Gotham is ready to pivot to being the Batman show in a new extended look trailer for the upcoming season four.

In the new "dark band" trailer (get it? Dark of night? Dark KNIGHT?), everything's starting to look a lot more familiar in DC's most notoriously crime-ridden city. The Riddler is on the loose in full retro regalia, Mr. Freeze is freezing misters, Scarecrow is establishing an absolute reign of terror, and the adults in Bruce Wayne's life are starting to come around to the idea of letting the billionaire Wayne heir suit up and go H.A.M. on whomever he so pleases. So, looking a lot like the Gotham that we've come to know and love. 

In addition to teasing the birth of Batman, the trailer also gives a closer look at the villains that will be terrorizing the city in the new season, with major emphasis on the returning Jonathan "Scarecrow" Crane as well as the increasingly-violent Barbara. Fortunately, Bruce will have help to take on Gotham's baddest in the form of Selina "Catwoman" Kyle.

The season premiere of Gotham season four, "Pax Penguina", arrives on Fox Thursday, September 21. And if you think the show might have trouble conjuring up some villains for future episodes, never fear—DC has a real deep bench. See how crazy it gets in our feature on old and terrible comics characters DC will never reboot.