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Morgan Freeman And Tommy Lee Jones Feud In Just Getting Started Trailer

Break out the Matlock VHS tapes and Viagra: there's a new comedy sure to appeal to the senior crowdl

Broad Green Pictures released the trailer for Just Getting Started, another playful romp starring Morgan Freeman as an older gentleman who doesn't let his age hold him back and Tommy Lee Jones as a gruff and no-nonsense Tommy Lee Jone-type.

The story centers on the Villa Capri nursing home, where Freeman's character reigns supreme as the manager, best athlete, and resident ladies' man. But his retirement bliss is interrupted when Jones' character, a self-proclaimed "citizen of the world," enters the mix. The pair engage in some pranking (a la Dirty Grandpa) before they form a begrudging friendship. Along the way, Freeman also reveals that he's actually in the witness protection for testifying against the mob, and you know he doesn't just mention that for no reason. Freeman also says the name of the movie in the trailer if that sort of thing makes you happy.

Written and directed by Ron Shelton (Bull Durham, White Men Can't Jump), it co-stars Rene Russo, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and the late Glenne Headly.

Tell your grandparents to keep Dec. 8 open. Meanwhile, find out which actor you should never expect to see co-star with Tommy Lee Jones.