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Phoenix Gets Resurrected For Marvel Legacy Comic

That's the thing about a phoenix: it tends to come back.

As part of Marvel Legacy, Marvel's upcoming relaunch of its superhero comic book line, the publisher has announced that Jean Grey, one of the original X-Men, will be resurrected for the second time. She was killed in the comics 13 years ago in New X-Men #150. Her first death lasted from 1980s Uncanny X-Men #137 through 1985's Fantastic Four #286.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the five-issue series will be written by Matthew Rosenberg with art from Leinil Yu. In a statement, X-Men senior editor Mark Paniccia said Rosenberg had a unique idea for the return of Phoenix. "It's not what we expected, and plays to Matt's biggest strengths as a storytelling," Paniccia said. "This is [a] very cool mystery building to a mind-warping climax."

Of course, the timing is right. Marvel already teased that a long-gone character would return as part of the Legacy series, and the upcoming flick X-Men: Dark Phoenix will center on the character played by Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones). 

"Something this big will leave quite a footprint on the Marvel Universe," Paniccia said. "Jean will have a startling new role after this [comic], and you're left wondering, how will the rest of the X-Men respond? What will happen to young Jean Grey?"

That's an interesting question. There's another Marvel Comic book, Jean Grey, that follows a teenage version of the character brought from the past into the present.

We'll find out more when Phoenix Resurrection launches Dec. 27. Until then, check out the dark side of the X-Men you never knew about.