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Mirko's Quirk In My Hero Academia Explained

Out of all the superpowered punks present in "My Hero Academia," few can stand up to the sheer power and agility of Rumi Usagiyama, also known as Rabbit Hero: Mirko. True to her title, Mirko is as quick and energetic as any rabbit. She's the ultimate go-getter, promising in her very first anime appearance that she's willing to lay the smackdown on any would-be evil-doers. To her credit, this kind of initiative has led to her success as the No. 5 hero in Japan.

Mirko has the moves to back this ranking up too. Though she prefers being a lone wolf (or is she a lone bunny?), you couldn't ask for better backup than Mirko. Her Quirk, unsurprisingly called "Rabbit," grants her all the physiological advantages of said fluffy mammal. While that may seem about as tame and threatening as, well, a bunny rabbit, Mirko makes the most of the hip in her hop to great effect.

Mirko's moves prove that rabbits can do more than jump

On paper, it doesn't seem like Rabbit really has a lot of impressive powers. Apart from giving Mirko the ears, and therefore the sharp hearing, of a rabbit, most of the Quirk's advantages are bargain-brand benefits to things like agility, strength, durability, and speed (via My Hero Academia Wiki). Everything else — like Mirko's tolerance to pain, strong instincts, and combat mastery — is owed more to her gutsy demeanor and dedication to demolishing villains. It's through her guts and training, however, that Mirko becomes a threat.

Really, we shouldn't turn our noses up too highly at Mirko's power set. Her enhanced physiology really does pack a punch. In Episode 90, when Dabi has both Endeavor and Hawks on the ropes, Mirko swoops in to save the day with a powerful kick that literally shatters the earth between both parties. Needless to say, that's a lot of power for a single kick.

Since Mirko can use her power (and speed) to great advantage, she has a litany of special moves that make her an absolute menace. Kick-based moves like "Luna Ring," "Luna Fall," and "Luna Arc" have Mirko putting her powerful legs to good use against one or multiple opponents. Her only non-kick move, "Luna Tijeras," involves her using her legs to kill her opponents. She may not be able to move mountains like All Might, but you don't need to move mountains when your legs are a glorified guillotine.