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The Best Couple On The Walking Dead

The popular action-horror show "The Walking Dead" is, by this point, a bit of a household name even for those who don't watch it. The show first aired in 2010 and has become such a success that it's now been on for over a decade, with spin-off series "Fear the Walking Dead" and "The Walking Dead: World Beyond" joining in over the years.

If there's anything that "The Walking Dead" proves to viewers, it's that the dead walking the earth doesn't necessarily signify the end of the world. Even with the majority of the population being ripped to shreds by flesh-eating zombies, new life continues to emerge, and happiness remains in the bright corners of a darkened society. The show captures much of this joy through the romantic relationships developed between the characters. Though a lot of these relationships end in what many consider to be the worst way possible, like one of them getting eaten by walkers, fans still have time to pick favorites, and when it comes to couples in "The Walking Dead," there's a clear favorite.

Fans of the show love Glenn and Maggie

A poll on Reddit with over 375 votes asked fans to choose which couple on "The Walking Dead" is their favorite out of six options. With more than 200 votes (53%), the landslide winner is none other than Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan), whose relationship began in Season 2 when the survivors found themselves on the Greene family farm.

Over the seasons prior to Glenn's demise in the Season 7 premiere, the two endured an overwhelming amount of hardship, including the loss of Maggie's farm and eventually, her entire family. Nevertheless, the strength of their relationship became a glimmer of joy in the show, and Glenn and Maggie remained a fan-favorite pair. Redditor u/glennscinnamaroll444 summed up the results of the poll perfectly with the comment "Glenn and Maggie, is that even a question?" So it seems that even after the fall of Glenn, the legacy of his relationship and bond with Maggie lives on.