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Netflix Teases Its Latest Attempt To Adapt Resident Evil

Some might think that another adaptation of "Resident Evil" is beating an undead horse, but it looks like Netflix is getting right back in the saddle. Based on the hit video games series from Capcom, the "Resident Evil" franchise is about an outbreak of a deadly virus that mutates and transforms its victims, with zombies being just one of the horrifying varieties. The 2002 feature film of the same name by Paul W. S. Anderson was patient zero for adaptations of the games, and from there, nine more movies followed, which have made a total of $1.2 billion globally (via The Numbers).  

At the center of the "Resident Evil" universe is the malevolent Umbrella Corporation. Umbrella is actually the reason for the undead plague in the first place, with the ground zero of the zombie outbreak originating from their subterranean research facility that is hidden underneath a mansion in the woods outside of the fictional Raccoon City. And the evil pharmaceutical organization once again appears to play a prominent role in Netflix's latest attempt to adapt the franchise. 

Fans likely know that this new live-action "Resident Evil" is not the first adaptation from Netflix, considering that the company released the CGI series "Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness" in 2021. "Infinite Darkness" features several characters from the video games, but it looks like this new Netflix show is going in an entirely different direction.

The trailer for Netflix's Resident Evil has everything fans love about the series

This new trailer for the upcoming "Resident Evil" offers a stark departure from other T-Virus-related adaptations as it is set to be a proper live-action show, rather than a movie or CGI limited series. Releasing on July 14, 2022, Netflix's "Resident Evil" stars Ella Balinska, Lance Reddick, Turlough Convery, Tetiana Gaider, and Connor Gosatti (via IMDb).

The trailer starts off with a lovely song and a voice that welcomes two people to their new home in New Raccoon City in 2022. At first glance, New Raccoon City looks ordered and serene, but upon closer inspection, the military-style fortifications and ever-present surveillance systems become ominous. The next moments show Albert Wesker (Reddick) experimenting on a mouse, which seems to be becoming increasingly hostile and strong, and then the trailer experiences a time jump to an apocalyptic London in 2036. 

From there, the action really kicks off, and the zombies finally make their appearance as total anarchy ensues with moments of gore, chainsaws, maniacal laughter, guns, explosions, mutated beasts, and everything else that "Resident Evil" fans have come to love from the series. They say that the fictional T-Virus in the "Resident Evil" universe has the potential to bring things back to life, so perhaps that explains this new iteration of "Resident Evil" from Netflix!