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Streamers Who Have Sued Faze Clan

FaZe Clan has had quite a tumultuous history. While the gaming organization was once at the top of the industry, scandals and sketchy allegations caused it to fall from grace. Unfortunately, this has led to several streamers going after the group through various lawsuits. Despite having nearly 90 members under its wing, FaZe Clan has had its fair share of issues when it comes to managing them and its business partners.

The members of FaZe Clan have gone through a lot, between tragic times and lawsuits. While trouble was brewing for the group in 2021, there were issues from before that which were never handled, resulting in several lawsuits at some of the worst times in the organization's history. While gambling issues forced some members to leave the group, FaZe Clan may have collectively lost more money from its legal issues with content creators both in and out of the organization than anything else in its history.


Tfue is almost as problematic at times as FaZe Clan itself. In fact, there are plenty of famous people who can't stand Tfue. The popular "Fortnite" pro player has had his fair share of issues with the organization, and he sued it back in 2020. According to Tfue, the gaming contract was oppressive, and even illegal. In fact, FaZe Clan was supposedly able to take up to 80% of Tfue's earnings from third parties as a type of finder's fee.

At the time, FaZe Clan was unlicensed and therefore able to escape regulation from California, which Tfue and his legal team argued led the organization to exploit content creators. They also pointed out that other members of the group had similarly restrictive contracts.

While the battle between the two gaming names was anything but peaceful, the end of it all was surprisingly quiet. Both parties agreed to settle the matter outside of court after Tfue's first lawsuit was dismissed because he shared information about his contract and FaZe Clan that he wasn't supposed to, per his contract.

After the legal battle was finally over, there were rumors that Tfue would start his own esports organization. However, Tfue put those rumors to rest on an episode of the KONCRETE podcast, saying that he "didn't have time" to do so. Since then, Tfue hasn't joined another group.

Alissa Violet

The owner of FaZe Clan, Banks, and streamer Alissa Violet were once in a romantic relationship and decided to go into business together as well. While Banks owned FaZe Clan, Alissa Violet had co-founded a company called Clout Gang. Together, the two groups traded stock with another company, Hubrick Limited, which was supposed to ensure that the three groups would work together. 

Hubrick Limited, which was a management company, didn't fulfill its end of the deal, and Clout Gang and FaZe Clan ended up suing it for fraud. While FaZe Clan and Hubrick Limited ending up settling, FaZe Clan asked Violet to drop the charges and give up the Hubrick Limited stock to speed up the leagl process while promising to compensate her.

However, these compensations never happened according to Violet and her legal team, so Violet sued FaZe Clan. She was supposed to get stock in FaZe Clan after the lawsuit that matched the Hubrick Limited stock she gave up, but she claims this never happened. No news was ever released about how the lawsuit ended, but at the time, FaZe Clan was certain that it could be handled between the two parties without the need to head to court.