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Elden Ring: How To Choose The Right Staff And Seal Using This Tool

"Elden Ring" is a game with a reputation for its difficulty. From the disgusting Wormface boss to the iconic Starscourge Radahn battle, players will encounter non-stop trials on their way to becoming Elden Lord. That said, for some players, it can be just as difficult to decide on what gear they should upgrade and use. While there's a general answer for questions like: 'What's the most powerful Glintstone Staff?' a player's specific mileage will vary depending on stats and loadout. 

All players will have to make tough decisions about which gear to keep and what'll be abandoned — lest they try to beat the game overloaded — but magic users might just have it the worst. Not only do casters in "Elden Ring" need to upgrade their gear as any other playstyle would, but they also need to track down the incantations and sorceries desired. On top of that, incantations call for one type of item in order to cast, while sorceries require another altogether — meaning most magic users in "Elden Ring" will find themselves juggling between multiple pieces of equipment in battle.

Thankfully the equipment plight of the magic-user in "Elden Ring" has inspired some to create a tool that aims to simplify at least some elements of equipment selection. This tool won't make the game itself any easier, but it'll give players a leg up when it comes to planning a build.

How to use the Casting Tool Comparator

If "Elden Ring" mages are unsure about which seal to take into battle or which staff is worth fully leveling up, they'll want to make use of the "Elden Ring" Casting Tool Comparator by Jerp. Simplifying options by taking into account a player's stats, the utility makes it much easier to decide between the many options available to magic users. While using the Casting Tool Comparator is as simple as entering in a character's current stats, or the desired stats for comparing options, the tool takes a huge selection of data and makes it easily digestible.

In addition to showing how each weapon fares alongside varying stat lineups, users can also filter options by tool type, spell school, or even scaling type. Considering that most magic users in "Elden Ring" will likely find themselves using both a Seal and a Staff, Jerp's "Elden Ring" Casting Tool Comparator makes the selection process a tad simpler. With worries over what casting tools will best fit a character, players can get back to the game and back to learning how to fight like Let Me Solo Her