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Bloopers That Make Us Love Sadie Sink Even More

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Sadie Sink has quickly become one of the most exciting talents of her generation. The "Stranger Things" star has the kind of gumption and rollicking sense of humor that makes her a standout on the small screen and the film scene alike. Indeed, as soon as she burst into the pop cultural consciousness as Max Mayfield in the second season of the beloved sci-fi series, she became an instant favorite for her tenacity, resilience, and depth of character.

Sink has also impressed with her work in other TV series, like "American Odyssey," along with films like "The Glass Castle," "Eli," and the "Fear Street" films. Most recently, music fans got to enjoy her gripping romantic drama skills in Taylor Swift's "All Too Well" short film. As talented and impressive as Sink is, though, she is still human and is known to produce a few side-splitting bloopers in her behind-the-scenes footage. Here's a look at the bloopers that make us love Sadie Sink even more.

Stranger Things have happened

"Stranger Things" fans have a lot to look forward to right now, as the upcoming fourth season promises to bring the Hawkins crew into all-new realms of horror, and there are bound to be plenty of surprises (and nostalgia pangs) along the way in this new adventure. In the meantime, there are a ton of fun outtakes from the first three seasons to tide you over until that big return to the Upside Down.

Like many of her young co-stars, Sink is certainly guilty of losing her lines to an unexpected giggle fit (or two), and even her suave entry into the kids' favorite arcade was once marred by a hilarious prop mishap that she somehow didn't notice. But hands down the funniest bit of bonus footage from the first few seasons of "Stranger Things" involves both Sink and her on-screen bestie, Millie Bobby Brown, who decide to have a whole lot of cheeky fun with their costumes.

After being introduced by a creaking door that opens to an ominous rainstorm, we see the two waiting on the porch in their red and yellow slickers, each boasting a threatening stare at the person wielding the camera. But the mood shifts quite suddenly when they both trade their scowls for smiles and start singing a song of their own cutesy creation. "My name's Ketchup," sings Brown. Then Sink bursts into song as well, adding, "And my name is Mustard." Then, harmonizing, they tell us, "Together, we're Ketchup and Mustard." 

They didn't exactly name this ditty, but we imagine it'd have to be called something like "The Condiment Chorus." Meanwhile, if you ever wondered how these young actors manage to keep things light while dealing with some very dark scenarios in the series, well, here's your answer!

Fear Street factor

Speaking of Sink's ability to keep things light while filming scary scenes, there are also some really great candid moments from the extra footage from "Fear Street Part Two: 1978." In the film, Sink portrays Ziggy Berman, a Shadyside resident and summer resident of Camp Nightwing. Unlike her "Stranger Things" counterpart Max, Ziggy is not treated to a warm welcome by the other kids at Camp Nightwing. In fact, they like to torment her in some surprisingly vicious ways.

Things really get grim for Ziggy when one of her favorite camp counselors — her big sister's boyfriend no less — begins an ax murder rampage throughout the site, slaughtering innocent camp-goers with the brutal demeanor of a possessed killer. Naturally, playing such a vulnerable role meant Sink had to spend a lot of time working in creepy settings, and it seems that some real fear factors caught up with her along the way through production.

In one hilarious blooper, for example, Sink is clearly petrified when a rattle of deep thunder erupts behind her when she's about to start a scene in a cabin, and then it's impossible for her to jump back into the moment. Then, she was reduced to laughter during a particularly intense sequence, as her tormentor accidentally ignites a real flame during a scene when she's supposed to be threatening her with a lighter. Then, in perhaps the most hilarious moment, Sink is endlessly amused by a very spirited serpent that slithers around during a shot of her hiding behind its tank. Here again, it's charming to see how much levity Sink and her peers are able to bring to the set of such a truly terrifying flick.

The real-life outtakes

As if that's not enough unscripted splendor, Sink is also a consistent source of some very humorous clips from her own life. Her TikTok and Instagram feeds are filled with such precious scenes, from her struggling with technical difficulties while filming behind-the-scenes moments from the table reads for Season 4 of "Stranger Things" to her trying (and failing) to create a dance video with her best friend.

Sink was also the accidental all-star of the "Stranger Things" kids' holiday celebration in 2019, when they all got together to wrap some gifts up for superfans around the world, and we got to see just how skilled she is at wrapping presents — except when Noah Schnapp decided to rip the trimming right out of her hands, of course. Her guffaw at this Grinchy theft is adorable and quite funny.

So before "Stranger Things 4" arrives on Netflix — with part one debuting on Friday, May 27 and part two following along on Friday, July 1 — these laugh-out-loud Sadie Sink bloopers should help get you through!