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Elden Ring: How To Beat Bloody Finger Nerijus

There are a lot of tough battles for players to face in "Elden Ring." From the scary enemies that can be found roaming the world to the incredibly powerful bosses that stand between gamers and their quest to become the Elden Lord – it seems like everything in the Lands Between is trying to kill you. Then there are the invaders. Some of them are controlled by players looking to engage in a little PvP while others are NPCs that are designed to attack any player that happens to wander too close. The NPC versions of these hostile red phantasms tend to appear whenever the player reaches a specific location. Then a prompt will appear on the screen to let them know that the invader is on their way. They aren't bosses, but they can be very difficult to face all the same.

One of the more challenging invaders is called Bloody Finger Nerijus. This dual dagger-wielding monster is incredibly fast, making him a difficult enemy to face. There's no shame in being sent back to a Site of Grace the first few times a player has to face this cloaked assassin, but there are a few tricks to help make the fight easier. Here's how to beat him.

Help is on the way

Nerijus will appear inside the ravine that sits between Agheel Lake and the Murkwater Catacombs in Limgrave. This invader is faster than a blue hedgehog and twice as prickly. His weapons deal Slash and Pierce damage and can induce hemorrhage. He also has a ranged magic attack that can cause bleeding. He even has a Crimson Tear flask to heal himself. One of the only saving graces of this fight is that the player won't have to go at it alone. Bloody Finger Hunter Yura is automatically summoned to assist the player during the battle. Yura will spawn back towards the bridge the player will have passed under in order to reach Nerijus. So, the first thing most players will want to do is lead Nerijus back toward Yura while trying to avoid the skeletons and kill the insects that litter the path in between.

The YouTube channel I.Eat.Games. posted a video suggesting that once Yura arrives, the best strategy is to let him draw Nerijus' attention, while the player attempts to attack him from behind. The player may occasionally draw aggro, but then all they have to do is retreat and let Yura take the brunt of Nerijus' attack again. Keep this up and eventually his health will fall to zero.

Defeating Nerijus makes him drop the powerful Reduvia dagger. It scales with Strength, Dexterity, and Arcane. It also deals a ton of blood loss damage.