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How Long Does It Take To Beat Salt And Sacrifice?

When Ska Studios' "Salt and Santuary" first came out was praised as an indie Soulslike that offered a unique but similar experience to Souls fans. Six years later, "Salt and Sacrifice" has followed up with an equally challenging iteration of the winning formula with a new story. It doesn't follow the plot of "Salt and Sanctuary," but fans should be able to draw obvious similarities between the two as Soulslike metroidvanias through a splattering of RPG elements, like skill trees.

Critics praised "Salt and Sacrifice" as something that builds on its Soulslike reputation into something refreshing and new. You play as a Marked Inquisitor, which is essentially this world's version of a mage hunter. This world is threatened by Magic, and it's your job to kill tons of mages on behalf of the kingdom. As its website says, "In a land plagued by powerful and twisted Mages, the condemned Marked Inquisitors take up the hunt. As a Marked Inquisitor, you'll journey through the western frontier: pursuing, hunting, and obliterating the Mages that roam the realm."

Gamers only have so much time to grind through indie Souls games, especially when triple AAA releases are looming. So how long should one expect to spend on "Salt and Sacrifice?" Here's what we know about the game's length.

The length is what you make it

Most "Salt and Sacrifice" reviews don't mention its length. If it's similar in scope to its predecessor "Salt and Sanctuary," it should land somewhere between 16 and 20 hours if players play the bare minimum. However, it seems like the playtime can vary depending on the person. 

Mick Fraser of God is a Geek wrote that "Salt and Sacrifice" could take a varying length of time depending on what you expect to get out of the game. "It's a game that could take you 20 hours or 40, maybe more if you do want to indulge the multiplayer or the endless optional Mage Hunts to unlock every last piece of gear," he explained. Other reviewers, like The Gamer's Ryan Bamsey, mentioned spending "hours" killing pyromancers, but his review did not estimate a set length for the entire playthrough.  

"Salt and Sacrifice" launches May 10, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. It has received generally favorable reviews from those who've played it. It's currently a console exclusive for PlayStation, so it likely won't come to Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S anytime soon. Developer Shane Lynch noted there would be cross-play between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, but not between consoles and PC.