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Baby Yoda Is Worse Than You Realized

Any "Star Wars" fan worth their salt knows and loves Yoda, the tiny green Jedi master who likes to hang out in swamps and teach young men how to wield the Force. Beyond the classic flavor of Yoda, there's also Grogu, known colloquially as "Baby Yoda," introduced in the Disney+ flagship series "The Mandalorian," who serves as the much, much cuter version (sorry, original Yoda). However, when you really think about Yoda, you might realize that, uh, there's not actually a lot to think about.

Consider this: the Yoda from the original trilogy has been around for almost one thousand years, but all that we know about him is that he talks kind of funny, he lives in a bog, and he's real good with a lightsaber. But fear not, you must! Okay, So Basically, which is on both SnapChat and YouTube, is here to attempt to explain what Yoda's really about, from Grogu's thirst for frog-man blood to Yoda's slightly shady past.

Okay, So Basically is available on both YouTube and SnapChat, in case you wanted to watch two pop culture writers break down everything from Twilight to WandaVision to Harry Potter. As for Yoda and the baby version of Yoda, the "Star Wars" movies and "The Mandalorian" are available on Disney+.