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The Goldbergs Actor You Likely Didn't Know Starred In Marvel's Eternals

"Eternals" is, so far, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's closest approximation of an arthouse film. Directed by Chloé Zhao, the story follows a group of ten ancient, superpowered beings that have quietly influenced the course of human history for almost as long as humans have had a history to influence. The crux of the matter becomes apparent when the Eternals' purpose is thrown into question, and they must define their own meaning, or otherwise permit humanity to die in the wake of creating a new god.

Yeah, it's a bit heavier than the MCU's standard media. Aside from introducing the MCU to the concept of religious trauma, "Eternals" brought a host of phenomenal talent to the forefront. There are the familiar famous faces, which include Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, and Richard Madden, and there are also the relative newcomers, like Lauren Ridloff, Brian Tyree Henry, and Barry Keoghan — and these six are only just the tip of the iceberg.

More true to MCU form, "Eternals" also features characters whose entire purpose in the film is to set up another project in the future. The characters in question are Eros, whose comic variant is the brother of Thanos, and Pip the Troll. While everyone knows that Eros is portrayed by Harry Styles, the voice actor for the CGI troll is slightly less famous, but only because he didn't make his start in a globally known boy band. However, you may have heard him in ABC's "The Goldbergs." 

Patton Oswalt voices Pip The Troll

Patton Oswalt is the talent behind Pip The Troll, much like he's the talent behind over 200 other credits (via his IMDb page), which include movies, television shows, and video games. From Marvel to Minecraft, Oswalt is literally everywhere. For the diehard MCU fans, he appears as three of the Koenig quadruplets in "Agents Of Shield," as well as one of their ancestors during a brief time travel jaunt. For Disney and Pixar fans, Oswalt's voice can be heard in the tiny mouth of Remy the culinarily conscientious rat, star of "Ratatouille." And of course, in the ongoing 2013 sitcom "The Goldbergs," Oswalt is the narrator for his erstwhile youth videography much like the late Bob Saget's role in "How I Met Your Mother." 

In a 2017 interview with NPR, Oswalt revealed he tries to use comedy to better channel the struggles of life. "The beauty of this format is that you give people and yourself the opportunity to hold up something that's unspeakable and not only speak about it, but to laugh about it and see that it's manageable and survivable and that you can evolve and adapt beyond it." The interview was in response to his comedy special "Patton Oswalt: Annihilation," in which he shared his grief over the passing of his first wife, Michelle McNamara. Oswalt is now married to actress Meredith Salenger and continues to create comedy gold wherever he can, even if it means donning a moniker as ridiculous as Pip The Troll.