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The Naruto Jutsu That Only Three Characters Can Execute

Compared to many different Shonen series, the jutsu of "Naruto" presents one of the most flexible combat systems of all. While series like "My Hero Academia" and "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" depict their characters using a wide variety of moves and abilities, both shows generally assign a very specific, limited set of abilities to each character. Try as he might, Bakugo of "MHA" can never replicate Todoroki's Quirk and vice versa.

Because jutsu are, essentially, "Harry Potter" spells for ninjas, that opens the way for any character in the "Naruto" franchise to learn almost any ability. Unlike Bakugo and Todoroki, it only takes one training session for Naruto to learn practically any ability under the sun. That being said, there are still plenty of restrictions. Hereditary abilities, such as the Sharingan, cannot be replicated without some kind of transplant. And aside from barring non-users from the Sharingan itself, their inability to use it also prevents them from using a wide variety of jutsu that benefit from the Sharingan's increased perception.

As a result, there are actually a large number of jutsu that are relatively rare in the world of "Naruto." One spell, in particular, serves as a prime example of this, in part because of the aforementioned Sharingan dilemma. In total, only three characters can properly execute this jutsu.

You need special eyes to become a member of the Chidori club

For those who have watched "Naruto," the Chidori needs no introduction. It's one of the signature spells of two major characters. The first is its creator, Kakashi Hatake, who developed the jutsu when he attempted to add his lightning nature to the Fourth Hokage's Rasengan jutsu. By gathering up a large amount of lightning chakra in his fist, Kakashi could perform an incredibly quick, and almost certainly fatal, strike.

However, the speed at which Chidori users move during the technique presents a major drawback in that it severely inhibits their vision. Only Kakashi's Sharingan allowed him to compensate for this weakness. It also allowed him to use the Chidori to literally cut a lightning bolt in two, leading to the technique's nickname, "Lightning Cutter."

Following the Uchiha Clan Massacre, Sharingan users almost became nonexistent. However, Kakashi found a worthy successor to Chidori in Sasuke Uchiha, who picked up the ability rather quickly in preparation for the Chunin Exams. In the time it also became one of Sasuke's signature abilities, leading him to pass it on to the third and final shinobi capable of using it, his daughter Sarada from "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations." Once her Sharingan matured enough, Sarada convinced her father to teach her the deadly technique.