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The Animated Supernatural Crossover Fans Still Want To See

In 2020, the hugely popular CW paranormal drama "Supernatural" concluded its run of more than 325 episodes across 15 seasons. Initially, the series was supposed to wrap up after its fifth season, so the fact that its ending came a full 10 seasons later is evidence of the high level of popularity the show was able to maintain for well over a decade.

Although the mainline "Supernatural" show is over, the franchise is currently set to continue in a spinoff series titled "The Winchesters." Existing "Supernatural" fans know that its leads in John (originally portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Mary (originally Samantha Smith) are the parents of protagonists Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles). This spinoff series, then, will chronicle how younger versions of John and Mary met and became involved with one another. That said, some fans are worried about the fact that it seems to be retconning some established lore about its two central characters.

With the flagship series over and amidst this apprehension about its next incarnation, one "Supernatural" fan proposed an unlikely crossover with a well-known animated fantasy show, and subsequently received an enthusiastic response from members of its fanbase online.

Fans want Supernatural to cross over with Adventure Time

In the wake of the final episode of "Supernatural" airing, a since-deleted account shared an image to the "Supernatural" subreddit depicting the show's principal cast in the style of the acclaimed fantasy cartoon "Adventure Time." The post received more than 2000 upvotes and a number of enthusiastic replies in its attached comments section.

User sumerianempire, for example, described this crossover as "absolutely perfect," and shared how they envision the protagonists of "Supernatural" might react to some of the hallmarks of the Land of Ooo. "Cas would be confused by the Candy People, Dean would get excited over Tree Trunk's apple pies, and Sam could geek out over the technology allowing him to enter the fire kingdom," they replied.

In a similar manner, users WaywardDeadite and Jorgesgorge1977 both rewrote some of the lyrics to the "Adventure Time" theme song with references to the plot of "Supernatural."

Finally, users like UnethicalPanicMode and AreYouItchy simply shared their unqialified enthusiasm for the prospect of such a mash-up.

While these two now-concluded series ever actually crossing over is highly unlikely, it seems that both shows retain healthy fanbases with some significant overlap, hence such excitement about the idea.