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Elden Ring: How To Complete The Seluvis Quest

There are few games more perfect than "Elden Ring." The latest release from developer FromSoftware of "Dark Souls" fame, "Elden Ring" has been celebrated by critics and gamers alike for its combat, stunning art design, and a gameplay loop based on trial and error.  Another huge component to the success of "Elden Ring" is its rich mythology and lore. The main storyline sees a player-created warrior known as a the Tarnished journey through the Lands Between to take out the numerous demigods occupying it and become Elden Lord. While evocative on its own, what truly makes the narrative in "Elden Ring" special is the collection of supporting characters that you meet along the way.

One of the entities your Tarnished may encounter is Percepter Seluvis, a sorcerer who serves the mysterious Ranni the Witch. Seluvis comes across as pompous, arrogant, and somewhat annoying with his patronizing tone and smug speech inflection. But he does offer an intense questline for any who explore the Lands Between in search of more story. Here's how you can complete it.

Seluvis wants you to turn Nepheli into a slave

To begin Seluvis' questline, players must first speak to Ranni the Witch in the Three Sisters sub-region of Liurnia at Ranni's Rise and agree to serve her. Seluvis himself can then be found at the ground level of the tower in spectral form. Upon speaking with him, Seluvis requests that you meet him in physical form at his own rise nearby. Upon rendezvousing with Seluvis in person, he instructs you to meet a woman named Nepheli and give her a potion.

Of course, Seluvis is a bit of a shifty fellow with nefarious intentions. As such, players have three choices as to what to do with the potion. One option is to follow his instructions and give the substance to Nepheli at the Roundtable Hold, which will transform her into a doll and force her into eternal servitude to Seluvis. Another option is to give it to the Dung Eater who, depending upon where you are in his questline, should be tied to a chair because, well, he's an absolute menace. Depending on the choice you make, you can purchase either Nepheli or Dung Eater's spirit summon from Seluvis later.

The last option (and the more compassionate and moral decision) is to give the potion to Gideon Ofmir. This allows players to continue all quests involving Seluvis, Nehpeli, and Dung Eater without sacrificing any of them. However, the result is that you won't be able to summon any of them in battle.

Gain access to Seluvis' puppet shop

Upon returning to Seluvis, tell him that you delivered the potion to its intended target. To continue his questline, you must find Seluvis' secret puppet room. This area is hidden in the ruins northeast of Ranni's Rise. Upon reaching the area, you can unearth a secret passageway in the ground by striking the pavement with a weapon or dodge rolling on it. You can collect the puppets of either Nepheli or Dung Eater in the chamber if you gave either one of them the potion. Read the gold message in one the corners and then return to Seluvis.

Despite his reservations about you roaming around in his private space, he will offer you a puppet as a "reward" for finding his puppet room. To progress further, you must then provide Seluvis a Starlight Shard to gain access to his puppet shop. This grants players the option to buy more Ashes with additional Starlight Shards.

Seluvis has a dastardly plan

After gaining access to his odd collection of puppets, players can continue Seluvis' quest by buying at least one more puppet and every Sorcery he is selling. Initiate a conversation and select "Ask About Scheme." In response, he wants you to bring him an Amber Starlight. You can pick one up near the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace in Altus Plateau. Return the Amber Starlight, initiate another dialogue with him, and he will gift you with the Magic Scorpion Charm Talisman.

(Note: Continuing Seluvis' quest from here without consulting Ranni will fracture that questline, which can only be undone by gifting her Celestial Dew later on.) Rest at a Site of Grace and return to Seluvis. This time, he's all about business. He gives the player Amber Drought with the intention of giving it to Ranni and turning her into a puppet. Ranni sees right through this scheme when you attempt to administer the draught, and she is none too pleased. As a result, the player must atone for their treachery by travelling to the Church of Vows and using the aforementioned Celestial Dew. This prompts Ranni to forgive you and kill Seluvis for his plot (which will also grant you access to his Armor Set).