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Custom Series X Consoles That Are Better Than The Real Thing

There is a lot to love about the Xbox Series X. It's an extremely potent gaming console featuring an incredible amount of processing power that set the standard for modern graphics performance. This, coupled with the amazing library of titles on offer through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service and a handful of other advantages, has made Microsoft's newest system a resounding success. Though for all of its amazing features not everyone is a fan of its design.

The console is a giant black rectangle that takes up more than twice the space of the Series S. Microsoft has made it possible for users to make their own custom controllers through the Xbox Design Lab, but the rest of the system can't be personalized on the platform. There are several ways to get a customized console that has been manufactured to cater to those who prefer to have a more stylish Xbox in their living room, however. Xbox has released a few official custom consoles, while outside manufacturers have designed decals and other methods for fans to make their Xbox unique. Here's a look at the options that stand above the rest.

Amazon Prime Box

There are certainly some people who still prefer to walk into a brick and mortar store, but these days it's probably safe to say that most people buy their electronics online. That's why it's so hilarious that the Etsy store ShopEmilyG is selling vinyl Xbox Series X skins that make gamers' $500 dollar consoles look like an Amazon shipping box.

The decal is designed to resemble brown cardboard with a shipping label on the front just below that familiar arrow that's curved like a smile. There is even a barcode and a strip of black tape on the side with the word "fragile" printed in pale blue. Patrons of the shop can also get matching decals for their controllers that feature the tape graphic.

According to the description, the seller uses a 3M vinyl laminate film which is resistant to fading and scratches, so it's definitely more resilient than an actual cardboard box. The shop has over 32 thousand reviews and enjoys a rock solid five-star rating on the platform. The main complaint some reviewers seemed to have was that shipping on the product was a little slow, but those buyers may have been expecting Prime delivery.

Halo Infinite Bundle

"Halo" and Xbox have gone hand in hand since the beginning. "Halo: Combat Evolved" was the first game released on Microsoft's flagship console and every Xbox generation has had at least one associated "Halo" game ever since. For the Series X|S generation, that title is "Halo Infinite," so it makes sense that Microsoft would pull out all the stops and allow fans to get a custom console that celebrates the new entry.

The Xbox Series X "Halo Infinite" Limited Edition Bundle has a space themed design that would do the Master Chief proud. According to the description, it is "imprinted with stars as seen from the surface of Zeta Halo – extending onto the fan behind a blue vent inspired by Cortana." The area below the starscape is decorated with industrial gray metal plates trimmed with gold. This design is also applied to the controller that comes with the set. These are currently priced at $550 on the Xbox website. Unfortunately for gamers, the bundle has been sold out since launch. They can currently only be purchased from other retailers at massively inflated prices.

The Tower

Some custom consoles are only available in limited runs, meaning a set number are manufactured without plans for future releases. With only one in existence, the tower-shaped "Hood: Outlaws & Legends" Xbox Series X is even more rare. It was commissioned by Focus Home Interactive and sent to the unboxing and gameplay YouTuber TheRelaxingEnd.

This custom console uses the Series X's unorthodox shape and size to its advantage. In the unboxing video, the console is delivered inside a medieval looking wooden chest that contains a shipping crate labeled with the game's name. TheRelaxingEnd opens the crate and reveals the controller first. It is gray and textured to look like castle stonework with a red banner down the center that has "Hood: Outlaws & Legends" printed on it between the d-pad and right thumbstick.

While the controller has a unique design, it is nothing compared to the console. This Xbox Series X doesn't just have a skin on it — it appears to be encased in a plastic housing that makes the system look like a castle battlement, complete with decorative moss and a wooden gate at the front. The console would be more at home populating a tabletop game than sitting on an entertainment center. Several of the fans in the comments section were disappointed that they couldn't buy one of their own.

Nickelodeon Bundles

Gamers with kids (or an appreciation for their own inner child) might want to check out the "SpongeBob" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Xbox Series X Bundles. Both of these special edition consoles were released to coincide with the launch of the fighting game "Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl." The title might have received some mixed reviews from critics, but that doesn't make these unique systems any less interesting.

The "Ninja Turtles" Xbox has a large representation of Leonardo on the front with a series of graffiti-like images on the side. There's a crossed out image of a foot, a yin-yang symbol, and a print of the iconic catchphrase "Turtle Power." The "SpongeBob" Xbox is more straightforward: it is SpongeBob. The top two thirds of it make up his yellow spongy face and body while the bottom third is made entirely of his extremely square pants. Both of these consoles include color coded custom controllers that feature the faces of their respective characters.

Neither of the bundles were available for purchase. In order to get one, players had to enter a sweepstakes through Twitter which closed back in October 2021.

Leather consoles

The massive size and shape of the Xbox Series X isn't all that subtle and some gamer's may want a more refined look for something that's going to take up so much space in their living room. If the $10,000 Gucci Xbox isn't to your taste, your can always skin your console in dbrand leather. According to the company's website, these casings are made with "no textured stamping. No chemical treatment. This is the real deal: bonafide cowhide. 100% authentic, full grain, vegetable tanned leather."

This Series X casing can be purchased in one of three colors: black, brown, or tan. The page also claims that these leather casings actually get better with age. "Scuffs, natural oils, and daily wear-and-tear combine to form a timeless patina that's unique to each and every cut." So, each casing will eventually form unique patterns and no two of them will ever look alike.

The casing comes in six different pieces that are applied to the front, back, top, bottom, and the left and right sides. It's about $70 for all six pieces and a microfiber cloth. That's a little pricey compared to most of the vinyl laminate decals on the market, but there's no better way for a gamer to ensure that their Xbox matches their sofa.