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Nintendo Switch Sports: How To Do A Perfect Serve In Tennis

"Nintendo Switch Sports" is finally here, giving players the all-in-one motion-controlled sports package they've been craving ever since the switch was first released. Critics are already loving the game, suggesting that it's at its most fun when players get to take advantage of the local multiplayer and compete with friends. There are six sports included: Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball, Bowling, Soccer, and a ring-based sword fighting game called Chambara. Each of them has a series of moves that players must learn if they wish to master the game.

Tennis is one of the three games that have returned from "Wii Sports." Depending on how many people are participating, each player may control one or two characters on-screen. Various different strokes are available, such as topspins, backspin, and lobs, but every round starts off with a serve. A poor serve will allow a larger window for your opponents to return the ball and give them more of an opportunity to keep the game going. Learning to fire off a perfect serve every time is great for players who wish to play competitively. It will set the pace for every match and maybe even score a few extra points. Here's how to do it.

Timing is everything

Like with all of the games in "Nintendo Switch Sports," getting a successful stroke is a matter of performing the right motion at the right time. There is a tiny window where players can perfectly strike the ball, making it fly fast and low. This makes your opponent's window for returning the ball much smaller and therefore more difficult. Swinging earlier or later than this window will result in a normal stroke, outside that is a weak stroke that slows the ball way down, and players who don't hit that window miss the ball entirely. Predicting the perfect window for a fast return in the middle of an exchange is extremely difficult as it is more a matter or reflex than strategy, but luckily, getting a perfect serve is much easier.

The YouTube channel GameXplain made a video detailing how to detect the exact moment when to strike in order to perform a fast serve every time. According to the video, after players toss the ball up in the air, they need to hit it when it reaches its highest point. This is an extremely narrow window consisting of only two frames. Players shouldn't swing when the ball is at its pinnacle, however. They need to start their swing roughly half a second after initiating the serve. This takes practice to master and seems to work better with short, tight motions rather than big swings that might result in an accident.