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Here's Why Jake Lockley Speaks Spanish In Moon Knight's Post-Credits Scene

The following article contains spoilers for "Moon Knight" Episode 6.

Another Disney+ Marvel series season has been laid to rest. Fans can now watch the first season of "Moon Knight" in its entirety, and it provides a rollercoaster experience from start to finish, with the audience never quite knowing to believe what's real and what's within the imagination of Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac). This continues into the final episode's post-credits scene, where we see Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) in an asylum. He's taken outside into a limousine, where he comes face-to-face with Khonshu and a mysterious new entity known as Jake Lockley. 

While Jake's played by Oscar Isaac as well, another personality within his psyche, he's completely new, with us as the audience having never seen this individual before. And with only a few seconds of screentime, Jake manages to make his mark, shooting Arthur Harrow right then and there in cold blood. It's a chilling sequence, but there are some aspects of it that may confuse some fans, such as why Jake Lockley speaks in Spanish when his alter egos — Marc Spector and Steven Grant — spoke English. It turns out there's a good reason why that was the case. 

Oscar Isaac helped shape Marc Spector's other personalities

While we don't see his face, we initially meet Jake Lockley wheeling Arthur Harrow out of the institution. As he's doing so, he's humming a Guatemalan hymn, according to Marvel.com, in what's a clear reference to the character's (and actor Oscar Isaac's) Hispanic roots. It makes sense that when they finally get to the limo Jake speaks to Arthur in Spanish before shooting him. It's a part of Marc's identity, as he has a mother who's Latino and therefore likely taught him Spanish growing up. 

It turns out the idea to have Jake speak Spanish was Oscar Isaac's as a way to further differentiate the three alters found within Marc. In an interview with Collider, "Moon Knight" director Mohamed Diab spoke about how Isaac played a role in fleshing out his character, "He came up with the idea of making Steven with a British accent. And then he came up with the idea of making [Jake] Spanish. Such brilliant ideas that completely distinguish between the three of them."

But it was more than just the way the characters spoke. Isaac also changed up their mannerisms so that audiences would know when one came onscreen. With just that glare in the post-credits scene, viewers would know immediately they were looking at a different alter than what they'd seen before. And it opens up a host of possibilities should "Moon Knight" return for a second season.