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The Major Goldbergs Character Some Fans Absolutely Cannot Stand

There's no shortage of sitcoms out on the TV airwaves right now, but "The Goldbergs" has long since carved out a niche for itself as a unique spin on the genre. Focusing on protagonist Adam F. Goldberg (Sean Giambrone), the titular Goldberg family, and their lives in an alternate version of the 1980s, the show has leaned into its period piece foundation to produce something that's simultaneously fresh and nostalgic. Since it began in 2013, the series has endured as a fan favorite.

But while the show's unique setting and fun references are major elements of its success, another large piece of its inherent appeal stems from the colorful personalities of each member of the Goldberg family and their entertaining dynamics with one another. Most fans would likely agree that the cast is likable — at least for the most part. Unfortunately, there is one main character on the show that some fans have been pretty vocal about their distaste for, and they have some pretty compelling reasoning to back it up.

Some fans hate Beverly Goldberg

As strange as it may seem, some fans of "The Goldbergs" really don't like one of the show's leading characters: ostensible family figurehead and matriarch Beverly Goldberg (Wendi McLendon-Covey). In a discussion post on the r/TheGoldbergs subreddit, Reddit user u/throw_havingdoubts1 argued that Beverly is actually the worst character on the entire show.

"She's forever overstepping the boundaries of her children and others ...resorting to manipulation and guilt tactics whenever they try to grow as individuals and gain a sense of independence and then justifying her terrible behaviour with some kind of sob story about how she no longer feels needed as a mother instead of just communicating with her children normally," the post reads.

Other users echoed the original poster's scathing sentiments towards Beverly, with many noting their annoyance over the idea that she never seems to grow as a person despite her claiming to have learned her lesson from repeated parenting mistakes. "Hmm, yeah, while Bev is amusing to watch on TV, she is pretty clingy and toxic," u/BlizzardousBane commented on the post. "I can't stand how suffocating she is with Adam," wrote u/foldsbaldwin. "I'm glad Wendy [sic] loves playing Beverly because I wouldn't with the way the writers write her."

Beverly clearly isn't every "Goldbergs" fan's cup of tea, but the show is still going strong throughout its current 9th season and fast-approaching 10th season, so viewers are likely to see plenty more of her regardless. Perhaps as her kids continue to grow up, the character will take a turn down a path that redeems her in the eyes of some of these frustrated fans.