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The Dwayne Johnson Movie You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, it seems, was born larger than life. Arriving into a family of wrestling royalty, he plied the trade of his father before making a most unusual finishing move, pivoting from WWE legend to movie star. From an inauspicious beginning marked by laughably crude CGI, however, he has forged a trail to the top of the A-list.

Standing 6'5" tall with muscles for miles and charisma to spare, Johnson fills a very specific role in Hollywood. He's Schwarzenegger but intelligible, Stallone with range, Hulk Hogan as a character actor. In the 21st century, no action star has been bigger, and says almost as much about audiences as it does the actor.

Much like the signs of the zodiac, Dwayne Johnson's career encompasses a wide array of personality types. Look below to find the time of year when you were born, and the corresponding Rock role most likely to raise your eyebrow in approval.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): Faster

Aries often get a bad rep when it comes to the different astrological signs. Their predisposition toward being impulsive and short-tempered doesn't do them any favors. When your defining stereotype is aggression, it can be hard to look past these negative traits. Obviously, the fire sign's shortcomings aren't defining factors, especially when they're also known for being courageous and passionate.

Looking at Johnson's work in the 2010 action flick "Faster," he gives off intense Aries energy. After a gang kills his brother, The Rock's ex-con sets out to get revenge by killing everyone involved. This impulsivity and thirst for revenge reveal his Aries traits; he even goes so far as saying he could never forgive those involved in the death of his brother. Johnson most often plays a combination of tough and teddy bear-ish, but this is one of the few roles where he showcases how cold and ruthless he can be when a script calls for it.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Central Intelligence

Everyone loves "The Rock," but if you're listing actors who can play complex, emotional roles, his name isn't typically one that comes to mind. Unlike a Taurus, known for practicality and being grounded in reality, Johnson typically plays idealistic characters. Still, this earth sign — symbolized by the bull — is sometimes known for letting their stubbornness get the better of them. Throwing all practicality out the window, the sign is usually willing to do whatever is necessary to get what it wants.

Although the 2016 comedy "Central Intelligence" might not give off any Taurus vibes on its surface, look more deeply into Johnson's character and you'll see it. When Calvin (Kevin Hart) reconnects with his awkward, nerdy friend from high school Bob (Dwayne Johnson), he never expects to see such an incredible glow-up. Not only has his former bullied friend turned into a total hunk, but he also works for the CIA. Johnson's character felt so spiteful towards his former tormenters that he completely changed his life, "[working] out six hours a day, every day, for the last 20 years" — now that's true Taurus dedication.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Be Cool

Gemini is another sign generally misunderstood by the rest of the zodiac. Labeled as two-faced and untrustworthy, the "twins" of the zodiac are often split between two different personalities. However, it's far more complex than just shady behavior. One side of their nature is usually caricatured by insecurity, while the other is cheerful and intelligent. These two contrasting traits can cause a lot of strife for the sign, especially when it comes to their relationships.

Even though everyone occasionally deals with bouts of insecurity, it's far more fun to consider Johnson's role in the 2005 "Get Shorty" sequel "Be Cool," which channels authentic Gemini energy. Although he's only a side character alongside Chili Palmer (John Travolta) as he transitions into the music industry, Johnson plays a vital role. The lovable musician takes up work as a goon-for-hire. While he might not seem very insecure about himself, his ability to take on such different personalities leans more towards the earth sign's true twin nature.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): The Game Plan

On the surface, The Rock's persona might seem to lean towards a self-centered sign — particularly when considering his incredible physique — but real fans know that his roles seem to personify a typical Cancer. Known for having an impenetrable shell to conceal their sensitive emotions, the water sign embodies many of Johnson's usual roles: a tough guy with a secret soft side. Perhaps nothing has brought him closer to his crab roots than his role in the 2007 family flick "The Game Plan."

When Johnson's self-centered NFL quarterback suddenly discovers he has an eight-year-old daughter (Madison Pettis), his bachelor lifestyle is turned upside down. The film's plot feels like the writers consulted with astrologers to capture a Cancer in its purest form, which in this case happens to be Johnson interacting with kids. The audience can see his egotistical shell breaking down right before their eyes every time he gets closer to his daughter. Not to mention the scene where he cries dramatically in the dark, a total Cancer move.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): Baywatch

Most people would assume that Dwayne Johnson personifies a Leo — after all, they are primarily known for being the center of attention wherever they go. The fire sign exudes confidence, and if anyone deserves to be confident, it's The Rock. Between his buff bod and perfect public image, Johnson doesn't have a lot of reasons to be insecure. Leos know they're hot, which is why they're so similar to "Baywatch."

Based on the 1989-2001 television series, the film follows hot lifeguards while they protect the beach from crime. Mitch Buchanan (Johnson) is caught between his rivalry with Matt Brody (Zac Efron) and an evil plot that threatens the safety of the bay. The lifeguards on this beach are so ridiculously hot that the film becomes self-aware, often making an ironic mockery of their behavior. Despite it flopping at the box office, Johnson once again stood out.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): Race to Witch Mountain

Known for being analytical and hardworking to an obsessive extent, Virgos aren't necessarily a sign that relates to many of Johnson's performances. On the surface, the earth sign might seem to have the qualities of a mild-mannered office worker rather than an action star. Still, many of Johnson's roles see him in earnest, hardworking positions that require critical-thinking skills like working for the military or even as a primate expert. While his role in 2009's Disney remake "Race to Witch Mountain" might not put him in a powerful position, his character's personality is reminiscent of some profound Virgo qualities.

An ex-con turned Las Vegas cabbie, Jack Bruno (Dwayne Johnson) goes on a journey to protect two extraterrestrial siblings from corrupt government officials wishing them harm. In classic "The Rock" fashion, Bruno prioritizes himself, especially when it comes to escaping his dark past. While he eventually does everything necessary to protect his alien friends, it's evident that their mission wouldn't be possible without Bruno's quick thinking and unique skillset.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Tooth Fairy

In perhaps the strangest role he's ever taken, Johnson set new precedents — and probably fired his manager — after filming "Tooth Fairy." Derek (Johnson) is known for being one of the toughest, meanest hockey players in the league, but it takes an unusual punishment to help him understand the error of his ways: becoming the tooth fairy. While the film might be considered one of his worst, it doesn't change the fact that it has some serious Libra energy.

Although Johnson's character is supposed to be incredibly blunt and selfish with his actions, trying to spoil the reality of the tooth fairy to little kids, he still embodies the basic qualities of a Libra. The air sign is known for living a simple life while indulging in its pleasures, even if its pleasures include enacting some serious hockey violence upon your competitors. Obviously, he doesn't align with all of the sign's usual traits, especially when it comes to his relationships with others.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): Walking Tall

Scorpios, known as the "deadly warrior" of the zodiac, aren't like other water signs. While Cancers and Pisces are known to be in touch with their intense emotions, Scorpios are known for pursuing a fierce passion. They're known for being mysterious, fearless, and impulsive, primarily while pursuing their interests. Since Johnson has yet to be in a typical romantic comedy, it's evident that "Walking Tall" is his truest Scorpio moment.

Based on the classic Joe Don Baker series, the film follows a former Marine named Chris Vaughn (Dwayne Johnson) upon the return to his hometown. It doesn't take long for him to realize that his former home has turned into a crime-stricken slum after a new casino pops up, which prompts him to take it upon himself to fix it. While it might feel like a slam-dunk project for The Rock, his passion for protecting the town and the innocent people in it by any means necessary bring out true water sign energy.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Moana

In terms of a family-friendly image, Johnson's best role might be Disney's "Moana." The animated flick follows the titular young Polynesian girl, Moana (Auli'i Cravalho), on a journey to reverse a terrible curse that has plagued her island. Maui (Johnson), an egotistical demi-god, is enlisted to help with her ocean-crossing adventure. The project put The Rock in a new light because although he had done voice acting in the past, this one included Lin-Manuel Miranda-penned, memorable musical numbers. Both a critical success and a cultural phenomenon, the Disney film is one of Johnson's most Sagittarius-like projects to date.

The fire sign is known to indulge themselves, but always manages to take care of their responsibilities — and that's precisely how Maui's characterization plays out. The demi-god is narcissistic and selfish, which becomes exceedingly clear when it's revealed he's responsible for the curse at the heart of the film's plot. Still, a sense of responsibility and impressive skillset balance his negative qualities, and he's eager to help right his wrong.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): Gridiron Gang

Capricorns are another zodiac sign not often associated with Johnson's projects. Although he's known for family-friendly comedies or high-stakes action films, The Rock also has a few melodramas under his belt, including this 2006 inspirational drama. 

"Gridiron Gang" is one of the actor's most serious roles, following a group of teenagers at a juvenile detention center that are able to raise their self-esteem after learning to play football together. Sean Porter (Johnson), a strict but caring counselor, guides them through their journey of self-discovery.

The earth sign is known for having mastered self-control, often being overly disciplined and serious — usually to its own detriment. With that in mind, Johnson's role isn't necessarily a perfect fit for the sign, especially when considering its stereotypical inability to process complex emotions due to a hyper-focus on work. It's clear through the film that the passionate counselor wouldn't be able to pursue such a difficult feat without having an intense desire to help his students.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Rampage

When it comes to the zodiac, there's always one sign that dramatically stands out: Aquarius. Known for being independent and eccentric, the air sign knows how to stand out in a crowd every time, even when that's not a good thing. While Johnson always stands out among other actors for his physical size and strength, his role in "Rampage" stands out in his filmography, but not for the reasons you might think.

The 2018 CGI-heavy film is a silly, over-the-top ride that barely makes sense. It stands out because it's so ridiculous that it almost becomes ironically funny. It follows an esteemed primatologist named Davis Okoye (Johnson) and his silverback gorilla, George. Here's where things get crazy: the gorilla is accidentally infected with a dangerous pathogen, giving him King Kong-like strength. This pathogen also infects two other animals, making them grow to an enormous size. Visually it's pretty terrible, and plot-wise, it's also pretty awful — but almost in an iconic way.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): Fighting With My Family

Pisces brings up memories of another melodramatic effort from The Rock, this one in sync with the highly emotional (almost to a volatile extent) attributes of a Pisces. They're stereotypically drawn to the idea of having a partner, often shying away from independence, only furthered by their "loving fish" identifier, all sentiments that are reflected in 2019's "Fighting With My Family."

The drama-comedy centers around the idea of a dysfunctional yet loving family dynamic. Saraya Knight (Florence Pugh) and her family are the descendants of a famous wrestler, and the family all has dreams of pursuing the WWE. When the brother and sister duo, Saraya and Zak, are finally able to audition, they realize it's nothing like they'd imagined. Johnson, a former WWE superstar, plays himself in the film, acting as a guide and inspiration for Saraya during her audition process. It's an emotional story about following your dreams and having a loving support system, and although Johnson doesn't have a ton of screentime, his role makes a significant difference.